Which is Better ? PMP certification or Scrum?

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Would it be better to go for PMP or Scrum certifications? Which is more in demand?
PMI also has a Agile certification does Scrum alliance.. which one is preferred?

Answer 1: PMP is more in demand for PMs as it is holistic. PMI based ACP is also better than Scrum Alliance's CSM.

Answer 2: Scrum certification called Certified Scrum Master is nice to have. This is used only in organizations where they are working on Agile (true agile!). such companies are lesser. Like Sapient, Wipro, Accenture they all say they work on Agile but not necessarily Scrum. Well that’s little contradictory but that is the story on ground. CSM is required more for client requirements in India. Abroad you will get lot of options for this though.


PMP for PMs is something like a driving license in India. You can work without it but with that your value increases manifold.  This is costlier as well and is more widely accepted. 
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