How Pagination Hurt Google Crawler?

Category Classifieds | Asked By Priyanka Joshi | Asked On May 18, 2014 | 1 Answers
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Ram Singh answered| May 19, 2014

Pagination is basically a way of making a website with a lot of information (products or listings of some sort) more user-friendly in terms of browsing or searching.  Using Nike as another example, they use pagination by showing 30 or so shoes per page to their site instead of showing hundreds of shoes on one page to make it easier on the user to search and browse their shoes.  However, this isn’t so SEO-friendly. In fact, pagination in this way can essentially ‘bury’ product pages deeper within the site making them almost impossible to get crawled by the search engines.  Than you can kiss your potential rankings good-bye.  What you need to do is find ways to bring this buried content back to the surface of your website in a clean, user/SEO friendly way.