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This section to discuss salary which is trending in the IT industry. There are plenty of websites which allow you to peek at salary offered in various companies. However they do not verify the salary which is actually offered and you will need to trust statistics as some users may be posting bogus salary. At joblagao, we follow a different approach. We publish the salary only by verified individuals . You can ask about the salary by sending an email to or by commenting on this blogpost. We will  revert to you after getting the correct information. We can also share tips to negotiate the salary as we may be aware of actual project level requirement in a team.

Note: All the figures mentioned in this blogpost are in INR unless otherwise specified.Visit other blog post for employee referral jobs.

Company 1: Novell

Novell pays well and you can get a chance to work on latest technology related to networking. Additionally you will be acknowledged for filing patents.

Here is a peek of Salary paid at Novell.

Entry Level (Freshers): Approx 6 lakh per annum (Note that package may vary for B.Tech and Post Graduates like MCA)

Senior Associate (7+ yrs):  Gross package is approx INR 11 lakh per annum. CTC including Bonus,insurance,gratuity : INR 12.4 lakh per annum)

See the sample offer letter from Novell

Career Level   Senior Associate
Designation    Software Consultant
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