How Do I Generate Schema From Studio?

Category i2 | Asked By Narendra Gajbhiye | Asked On Apr 22, 2014 | 2 Answers
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Satyam Sinha answered| May 2, 2014

In ABPP (Agile Business Process Platform), be careful while creating schema. Always use the option of incremental schema generation.If you do full schema generation, you may drop the existing tables. Alternatively, you can directly define/alter the tables in the DB and change the data dictionary, documents accordingly. Restart the server as usual :-)

Anant Srivastava answered| Apr 29, 2014

1. Right click on Process Set and select Solution Setup menu. The Solution

setup wizard opens.

2. In the wizard select appropriate XServer and XServices.

3. Select Schema Generation type as Full Schema Generation. Make sure the

Generate Schema checkbox is selected.

4. Select the Static Data Configuration options, if needed and click Finish