Which is the best offer? TCS or Accenture?

Category Salary | Asked By Varun Vijay | Asked On Aug 15, 2015 | 4 Answers
Which is the best offer? TCS or Accenture?
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Hr Joblagao answered| Aug 20, 2015

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Deepti Nirwani answered| Aug 20, 2015

From what I know through my friends, Accenture has a better work culture. Future prospects and increments are also better. Accenture usually has more flexibility also compated to TCS. 

Varun Vijay answered| Aug 19, 2015

Hi Nida,

Thanks for your suggestion.


- Total CTC: 5.2 lacs out of which 70K is variable and 4.5 lacs is fixed.

- Pros: Brand Name , Good exposure, Onsite opportunity (depends on project), Better growth.

- Cons: Long working hours, 3 months notice period, less pay

TCS: Total CTC: 5.4 lacs out of which 60k is variable 4.8 lacs is fixed.

- Pros: Brand Name, good in hand salary, less working hours, 1 month notice period, good exposure

- Cons: No onsite (as i have been assigned to Internal Project), Internal project, Less growth

  Please help as i need professional advise to evalute the above offers taking up all things into consideration.


Nida answered| Aug 18, 2015

Accenture will be a better offer as it has a better brand value. But note that the variable pay will be high in Accenture. Share more details on the offers, so that we can guide you.