Leave in IT companies: TOP 10 list

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We are presenting the various kind of holidays and leaves given in the Software Industry  (IT) in India. This list would be useful if a new company is formulating the leave policies.Check with your HR for the exact leave policy

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1) Public Holidays:   Every company declares around 8-10 days of Public holidays which are given on the occasion of national importance or festivals. India is a diverse country, where festival and tradition vary in different states. It is not possible to give holiday for all the festivals. It is mandatory for all the companies to give holiday on a National holiday. If an employee needs to report for work, they are made to sign in a register that they are doing so willingly. They are also given compensatory off in this case. Apart from the national holiday, the companies holiday on the occasion of important festival in the state. If the company operates  in a different state, they declare holidays on regional festival. See the list


2)Sick LeaveSick Leave can be availed for medical purpose only, and not for vacation etc. The number of sick leave varies from 6 to 12 days in a calendar year. Medical documents need to be submitted to the HR rep for approval  if Sick Leave exceeds 2 days.  However, in most of the private companies, HR don’t ask for proff and it’s acceptable if you inform your supervisor

3)Maternity Leave : The maximum period an employee is entitled to maternity benefit is 12 weeks, of which not more than 6 weeks shall precede the date of expected delivery of the child. Apart from this, most of the companies give Paid/unpaid leave in this situation. The employee first needs to exhaust her paid leave and sick leave and then ask the HR for LOP (Loss of Pay)

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4)Additional Maternity Leave: For any illness directly related to pregnancy, delivery, premature birth, miscarriage or MTP, an employee, on production of sufficient proof will be entitled to an additional maternity benefit for a maximum period of 1 month

5)Miscarriage: In case of miscarriage an employee will be entitled to maternity benefit for 6 weeks immediately following the date of miscarriage. If the employee has had tubectomy operation, she will be entitled to maternity benefit for 2 weeks immediately following the date of operation.

6)Paternity Leave : All male employees are entitled to paternity leave of 5 working days for each instance of child birth, which can be taken at any time after the date of delivery of his child but not later than 3 months from date of birth of the child. Normally this is limited to 2 child. Employee may not to entitled for  third paternity leave.

7)Adoption Leave: This is a newly introduced leave applicable for male as well as female employees. If they plan for adoption of a child, they can avail a leave of around 1 month which will help them to bond with the new child.This has to be taken within a month of the completion of legal procedures, once the legal custody of the child is given to the employee

8) Volunteer Day Leave (Charity): The Company invests a lot in social impact and charity work. Most of these activities are carried over the weekend. However, one day per year is reserved for this holiday where the employee can go out in a group for a social cause.For example, they can visit an orphanage or old age home and carry out charitable activities

 9) Bereavement Leave: In the event of death of a close family member of an employee, the employee is entitled to paid time off from work up to 3 working days for each such situation. Close family members would include spouse, children, parents, grandparents, brother, sister and corresponding in-laws.In some companies, close family members is limited to first family and parents only

10)Earned Leave: The number varies from 15 to 22 days in financial year. This leave is aggregated on a monthly basis. An employee cannot carry forward more than 30 days of leave in the next financial year. So the employees are encouraged to take leave. This leave is encashable once the employee resigns. However the company can limit this to 30 days. Only Basic and DA is paid out.

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