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Job Description
1. Saas:
            o Manager Application (Req no: 21078)
            o Senior Systems Administrator (Req no: 21711)
            o Senior NOC Engineer (Req no: 22780)
            o Manager 2, Product Development (Req no: 22958)
            o Software Engineer 2 - Oracle Database, Unix and Windows (Req no: 23275)
            o Software Test Engineer 1 (QA Testing, Windows, Linux or Unix) (Req no: 23877)
            o Senior Software Engineer 1 (Automation Testing, C#, Mob app ) (Req no: 23879)
            o Software Engineer 2 (ODI, mysql, SDLC, Windows. Linux, Reporting tool) (Req no: 23276)
            o Lead Build Engineer - SaaS (Req no: 23981)
            o Senior Software Test Engineer 1 (Java, Automation/Mob app testing, Windows) (Req no: 24228)
            o Senior Software Engineer (Objective C, Cocoa framework - UX Developer) (Req no: 24051)
2. Customer Experience:
            o Senior Interaction Designer – 1 Position (Req no: 23666) 
3. Mobile Platforms Group :
           o Manager 2, Product Development (Req no: 21974)
           o Senior Software Test Engineer 1 (Req no: 23167)
           o Senior Software Engineer 2 (Req no: 23833) New
           o Software Engineer 2 (Req no: 24469) New
           o Software Test Engineer 2 (Req no: 24660) New
4. Security :
           o Senior Software Engineer 2 - (Req no: 23671)
5. Networking Cloud and Service Provider (NCSP):
           o Staff Software Engineer (TCP/IP & OS Internals Linux, SSL ) - (Req no: 22310)
           o Senior Software Test Engineer 2 (L4 to L7, Automation Testing) (Req no: 22806)
           o Senior Software Engineer (Development + Sustenance) – 2 Position (Req no: 22965)
           o Senior Software Test Engineer 1 (L4 l7, Perl/Python, Automation) (Req no: 23976)
           o Software Engineer (TCP/IP, C Programming, Database) (Req no: 23782)
           o Software Engineer (L2, TCP/IP, C programming, Load Balancer) (Req no: 23870)
           o Software Test Engineer 2 (Software Test Engineer (L2 L3, TCP/IP, Perl) (Req no: 24278)
           o Software Test Engineer 2 (L4 to L7, Perl, Python) (Req no: 22119)
           o Senior Software Engineer 2 (TCP/IP & OS Internals, HTTP) – 2 positions (Req no: 21837)
           o Senior Software Engineer (TCP/IP, Linux, VPN technology) (Req no: 23871)
           o Senior Software Engineer (TCP/IP & OS Internals, Linux, SSL) (Req no: 24090)
           o Software Test Engineer (TCP/IP, L2L3,Perl) (Req no: 24093)
           o Product Marketing Manager (Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Exchange) (Req no: 24146)
           o Software Test Engineer 2 (L4,L7, HTTP,Automation, Perl)-Cloud Networking (Req no: 23976)
           o Senior Test Engineer/Staff Test Engineer (Automation, Web Based testing)(Req no: 22912)
           o Senior Software Test Engineer
              (Manual + Automation, Networking/Storage/Virtualization) –  (Req no: 22632)
           o Senior Software Test Engineer 1 – Hyderabad Location (Req no: 21603)
           o Technical Writer (Req no: 22968)
           o Senior Software Engineer(C & Python programming in Storage domain, Linux) (Req no: 23044)
           o Senior Software Engineer (C & Linux programming in Networking domain)(Req no: 23046)
           o Software Test Engineer 1 (Req no: 23815)
           o Senior Software Test Engineer (DevOps, Virtualization, Scripting, L2-L4 protocols) (Req no: 22633)
           o Staff Engineer (Req no: 24255)
           o Senior Manager , Product Development  Hyderabad Location (Req no: 24256)
           o Senior Software Engineer 1 (Req no: 24257)
           o Senior Software Engineer 2 Hyderabad Location (Req no: 24258)
           o Senior Software Engineer 1 Hyderabad Location (Req no: 24259)
6. IT Support
           o Senior Engineer Network Operations (Req no: 22523)
           o IT Engineering Lab Support Analyst (Req no: 23086)
7. Procurement:
             o Sourcing Manager (Req no: 20801)
8. Globalization:
            o Senior Software Engineer 1 (Req no: 22772)
9. DNA:
            o Staff Software Engineer (Req no: 24260) 
10. Technical Support:
            o Lead Escalation Engineer (Req no: 24388)
            o Senior Software Engineer 1 (Req no: 24156)
            o Senior Installation Engineer (Req no: 23005)
            o Installation Architect (Req no: 23004)
            o Senior Systems Analyst (Req no: 23178)
            o Senior Technical Support Engineer (Req no: 23878)
            o Systems Programmer (Req no: 23812)
            o Training Manager (Req no: 24352)
            o Technical Support Engineer (Req no: 24534) 
            o Technical Support Engineer (Req no: 24033) 

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Citrix Systems, Inc. is an American multinational software company founded in 1989, that provides server and desktop virtualization, networking, software-as-a-service, and cloud computing technologies, including Xen open source products.

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