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at  in  Bangalore, India | Posted on 5 June, 2015
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Job Description

Staff Network Engineer (Req no: 26725)

Position Summary:

Citrix Mobility Apps, a division of Citrix Systems and creator of GoToMeeting®, GoToMyPC®, GoToAssist®, and other remote access, web conferencing, and remote support services is growing! We need world-class Staff Network Engineers for multiple positions to work on next-generation technologies. Staff Network Engineer will based in our Bangalore, India offices and will begin Mid-May, 2015
The Citrix Mobility Apps network consists of a large number of routers and switches spread across the globe in various datacenters and offices. These devices support tens of thousands of ports and a large amount of Internet traffic every day. Additionally, the network also supports the internal workforce and their communication needs. The purpose of the Staff Network Engineer is to design and direct the function of all of these components while ensuring the highest possible uptime, provide a 1-2 year forward looking vision and lead the implementation of advanced projects that have a significant monetary impact. A Staff network engineer is expected to collaborate with the Network Architect to
go over product changes and then to supervise their implementation in the best manner possible. A person in this position is expected to write policy and procedures as outlined by the Manager of network services. The Staff Engineer will be required to provide consultation on any other large Voice/Video or multimedia capabilities that may need to be added to the Citrix Mobility Apps Product Portfolio and may specialize in Routing and Switching, Voice technologies, WAN infrastructure or Application Networking. However, a broader understanding will allow for the overview role that this position plays.
This position is full time and based at our Bangalore campus. You will be part of a team that works hard, plays hard, and has a positive work/life balance. We offer a fun and fast-paced work environment, game rooms, a company gym and cafe.

"At Citrix, we believe in a world where "work" is something you do... not a place you go. We believe that being productive should not require sitting in an office with a phone at your side, a PC bolted to the desk, and a conference room down the hall. Every day, our virtual computing technology enables millions of people around the world to adopt a more "virtual workstyle", freeing them to work where and how they want – on whatever device is most convenient." - Wes Wasson, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer

Principal Responsibilities

>> Aligns a defined network strategy to the group

>> Works in teams of 3 to 5 people to accomplish involved technical projects

>> Works with other groups within or outside Engineering to gather requirements for projects

>> Provides guidance on industry standard practices and methodologies

>> Designs the network components with redundancy in mind; oversees testing and makes sure it is exercised

according to specific time tables

>> Communicates about peak load events with corporate customers

>> Ensures that Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are being defined and aligned with business goals and industry standards

>> Identifies operation costs; works in conjunction with the team to spread awareness about bottom-line and its impact on revenue

>> Helps the Network Architect identify issues and define requirements around network performance such as  QoS

>> Continuously evaluates the state of the operability and observability in the network infrastructure

>> Finds new parameters to monitor and manage

>> Ensures that systematic and security audits are being performed on the phone system; designs the network to be secure out of the box

>> Coordinates with Operations Security and Engineering security on incident response ad design changes as related to computer security

>> Defines compliance with various audit requirements such as SOX and PCI

>> Maintains business relationships with service providers and equipment vendors

>> Is responsible for the overall user experience on the network

>> Advises lower-level network engineers of the best practices as templates and publishes to the group

>> Plans for disaster recovery both on a global and on a site-by-site basis; ensures disaster readiness

>> Provides the means to metric and reports on critical system parameters; derives meaningful information from the data about system health

>> Defines configuration management implementation and workflow in conjunction with the Manager or Principal engineer

Other Duties and Responsibilities

>> Is available for on-call escalation 2 weeks a month

>> Attends conferences and expos in the field

>> Endures that BCPs are being created and followed as a part of every project

>> Mentors members of the Network Services Group

Supervisory Responsibilities

>> Must be capable of ensuring on-call rotation of team (2-3 telecom engineers)

>> Must act as team lead for longer term projects

>> Must be able to drive priorities into the team members and adjunct teams

Knowledge and Skills

>> Master’s degree in CS or ECE or equivalent experience

>> At least 8 years experience with large Internet scale systems or large Websites

>> Experience designing, building and maintaining a 1000 person or 4000+ server network

>> Must have experience in dealing with Fortune 500 customers

>> 5+ years of technical operations experience a plus

>> Must be a master at BGP, OSPF, RIP and EIGRP configurations

>> CCIE or equivalent industry experience required

>> Experience with the Cisco 65xx, 72xx, ISRs; Genband, Netscreen experience is a plus

>> Fluency with JunOS, Cisco NXOS, Cisco IOS

>> Experience with the Juniper MX series routers

>> Experience with the Cisco Nexus 7K, 5K,65xx platform, FEX (Fabric extender) with Cisco N5K

>> Experience with Load balancer such as Citrix Netscaler

>> Experience with Stateful firewalls such as Juniper SRX, Cisco ASA

>> Exposure to Cisco Ironport proxy a plus

>> Detailed knowledge of inter/intra LATA billing practices a plus

>> Experience with video and voice technologies a plus

>> Fluency with Basic Networking: Ethernet, TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, NTP, SNMP

>> Advanced knowledge of VoIP: SIP, SCCP and H.323

>> Detailed understanding of voice encoding methods and codecs (G.711, G.729, G.722, iLBC, iSAC)

>> Advanced programming experience a plus (Perl, SQL, JAVA)

>> Ability to be customer-oriented; willing to engage in discussions with customers, with aim of a quick resolution and customer satisfaction

>> Ability to solve large-scale, complex problems by successive decomposition

>> Experience juggling multiple responsibilities and prioritization of conflicting requirements with business goals in mind

>> Ability to build a business case for large projects Competencies

>> Teamwork: Collaborates with others toward shared goals, exhibits cooperativeness; participates in and supports effective conflict resolution; collaborates cross-functionally; leads teams effectively; puts needs of organization over personal needs

>> Communication: Ensures that communications channels are open and that information and ideas are flowing in all appropriate directions; listens, asks for and uses input; shares information appropriately and openly; is accessible and receptive to positive feedback, constructive criticism and both good and bad news

>> Excellence Orientation: Strives to be the best that one can be and maximizes one's own potential in helping Citrix Online succeed; exhibits resilience, persistence, tenacity and a continuous mindset for improvement; is goal-oriented with very high standards for quality, accuracy and timeliness of work; prioritizes multiple tasks; is strongly results-oriented; helps others keep things on track

>> Accountability: Holds self and others accountable for keeping commitments and delivering the best possible performance, pays attention to detail, and gets involved and leads others through resolution; assumes responsibility and follows up personally

>> Authenticity: Shows a genuine, accessible and caring personality that builds trust, mutual support and credibility; listens, exhibits humility and gauges approachability of others; maintains composure and is able to be respectful and straightforward with others; develops trusting relationships; is highly ethical with a commitment to deeply held values; takes full responsibility for self; respects the confidentiality of the information they acquire, maintain, and use in their job, and personally disengages from it

>> Innovation: Participates in and supports an environment that is conducive to innovation and new ways of doing things; exhibits curiosity and open-mindedness; suggests new ideas in response to and anticipation of business needs; willing to take risks

>> Strategic Thinking: Demonstrates a big-picture perspective and the ability to consider all relevant information when making recommendations; gathers complete information and makes recommendations based facts, analytical or deductive reasoning and familiarity with business metrics; identifies key issues and understands their impact in a broader context

>> Business Savvy: Shows a command of business fundamentals required to manage Citrix Online operations

>> Relays the Vision: Conveys a compelling vision of where the organization is going to others and models behavior consistent with the vision to show others how they can best help the organization achieve its goals; exhibits clarity and focus

>> Inspires Others: Motivates others by demonstrating pride, enthusiasm and passion; celebrates success and gives credit to others; exhibits optimism and vigor

>> Builds Talent: Attracts, develops and retains talented people who are most capable of driving Citrix Online's success; accurately assesses and coaches promising individuals; gives honest feedback; acts as a mentor and empowers others

>> Leads Change: Identifies, seizes and spearheads opportunities to accelerate needed change within a department; acts as a catalyst; considers change impact prior to implementation; initiates action; leads the effort; removes barriers


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Citrix Systems, Inc. is an American multinational software company founded in 1989, that provides server and desktop virtualization, networking, software-as-a-service, and cloud computing technologies, including Xen open source products.

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