• Sandeep Mahapatra


    Presented him Several opportunities in Java

    Everything in life depends upon right direction from some source. How we understand the direction of our world and how we respond to them will often determine our failure or success in making life choices. Choose the right direction According to me, Job lagao provided me right direction in my professional life.I was struggling to find a right job in a product base IT firm for past 1 year. But when get associated with joblagao ,they referred my profile to one of most highly acclaimed product base IT firm in Bangalore, and guided me throughout the selection process and help me to get selected which might not be possible by applying in regular job sites. Thanks joblagao for doing such a great job and providing amazing career opportunity for job seekers.
  • Venkat Pavan


    Placed in Teradata

    My name is Venkat, I got job through joblagao. I am really thankful to joblagao, which has shown me right path right time in my career plan.I would like to thank the joblagao team for providing a right opportunity for my career growth.joblagao is a unique job portal which publishes or refers right openings to right candidates. It"s not like other job portals which publishes false openings for more traffic flow into their site. But joblagao gives us genuine information about job openings and guides in correct path.Thanks joblagao.
  • Sourav Maiti


    Placed in Teradata

    I am grateful to joblagao and happy with their proper support and right guidance to get a new job. A unique portal for all the job related updates. The dedicated team has wide contacts in industries and provides accurate information and guide you till you achieve your dream job.Thank you joblagao.!!
  • Jagannathan Mohanam


    Placed in Cognizant for JDA opportunity

    I came to know about joblagao through google searches. It helped me with forwarding my resumes to whichever company I named and if there was an opening. I have always received good opportunity details from Job Lagao. Timing and quality have always met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner. The service and personal attention is extraordinary. joblagao helps in every opportunity keeping candidates expectations and dream job in mind. joblagao provides the subject matter expertise necessary to tackle a variety of complex interviews. They work well in a teaming environment, customizing their approach to fit the unique needs and culture of their customer rather than trying to force a rigid process onto an organization. Their staff is well trained with broad skill sets that helps to research the negotiations with the dream companies. They also value the candidate"s relationship with their employers, and that is reflected in the professionalism of their interactions. The bottom line is that they make recruiting easier and help get to job faster.
  • Santosh Kumar


    Referred him Java jobs

    I am santosh and I am grateful to joblagao to help me in my job hunt. Their proper support and right guidance was quite helpful for getting a new job as experienced java professional and that too within a preferred location Noida. They did not present me thousand of irrelevant opportunities, instead they suggested me just 2 opportunities with 100% success.I did not get much chance to know about them, because it was just 15 days difference between sending my CV and getting my first offer letter. For me, changing job through joblagao was as easy as changing office building. Just one thing I know about them is, Their dedicated team has wide contacts in industries across location and they provides accurate information for quick result.Thanks a lot !!!
  • Nandlal Kumar


    Assisted him to start his career as a Fresher

    I am highly thankful to joblagao for providing me the opportunity to start my prosperous career at Soigne Technologies Pvt. Ltd. I am getting hands on experience to the latest technology in the market. I am working for a client in the finance domain, so I got an exposure to this domain at an early stage of my career.joblagao is doing a great job for the Experienced as well as Freshers too. It publishes only genuine employee referral jobs and Walk-in. I would like to appreciate the same.Thanks again to joblagao !!!
  • Manish Agrawal


    Placed in Teradata

    About a year ago, I was in a right tizzy - not knowing what to do with my career, only that I was no longer happy in my job and needed to move out of it. I contacted - and although I was not actively hunting a job at the moment, I was presented with an opportunity to work with a product based company. Even though I am working in a very niche technology and the opportunities available in the market are very rare, joblagao was able to find me a suitable opportunity at right time I am really flattered with the UPC of their business. They wonIt"t bombard you with irrelevant opportunities instead they discuss the career path that you are planning to pursue and come back with an opportunity according to that plan. It helps you to save time and your CV will be forwarded to right person that leaps the basic hurdles of the process. So, I guess what I am trying to say, is THANKS. Thanks for the info and thanks for the happy, casual but professional way in which joblagao helped me in finding a right job as per my career plan. Thanks to joblagao for doing the needful.
  • Anil Kumar


    Referred in several Product Companies

    I came to know about joblagao through one of my internet searches. It helped me with forwarding my resumes to whichever company I named and if there was an opening. The way it works is different from other job portals as it forwarded my resume to companies through the employees directly. I was amazed to see that many of the product development companies requirements were not posted on any other job portals, but through Job Lagao's direct employee approach, I was able to apply to those companies. I was able to get 2 offers within 3 weeks.Thanks to joblagao for doing the needful.
  • Harshvardhan Kumar


    He grabbed a job for Fresher through our portal


    I thank joblagao from the core of my heart as it helped me in getting a job in a website designing company. I'm lucky enough to get in touch with joblagao. I tried their Mock Interview service. It provided me the right platform to prove myself. My final round was scheduled in few companies as soon as I gave the mock interview.I'm highly obliged to joblagao.They helped me to start my career as a Fresher.Thanks a lot !!

  • Anurag Srivastava


    Referred him in JDA and Cognizant

    My name is Anurag Srivastava.I got a job through . joblagao provides me an opportunity to switch from Services to Consulting. Currenly i am working as Technology Consultant. joblagao has an edge over other portals as it also has jobs in niche area like i2. I would like to say thanks to to provide the right shape to my career. Keep Rocking !!!!!!!!
  • Manohar Jha


    Assisted in Hiring for his company

    We, at Dextrasys, is happy to be associated with Joblagao for our recruitment needs. You guys really understand our needs well, and support us hire good employees. Thanks.
  • Jai Aditya Shaunik


    Placed him in Intel

    Joblagao contacted me through one of my job postings on sites like Naukri/Monster. What differentiated them from consultancies is that they have access to job openings for companies that do not post on the job search sites. They reach the company through employee referrals. This opens up many opportunities for the prospective employee. The executives are professional and very cordial. Overall, its a smooth and easy experience. They referred me to Intel and by doing so, created an amazing opportunity for me. I highly recommend Joblagao to anyone searching for their next job.
  • Arbind Kumar vishwakarma


    Placed in TCS


    From my Experience with job portals, I realize that Joblagao Team is extensively supported and always tried to provide quality and genuine jobs. While Joblagao is still it's in developing phase, instead of this, these peoples really worked hard directionally to offers good jobs and the real one. When looking for a job, there are so many scammers out there, then internet can be a frightening place for job seekers. From Past 6 Months, I was looking to switch, but I was not getting the genuine opportunity through the internet. Anyhow, I was just doing my previous job. And once again it felt that, I entered into chaos Phase of life after college. Suddenly my friend told me about Joblagao to register, then Joblagao customer service peoples did personally call me, and fixed interviews in various MNC’s. They refer me in Sapient, Utsav Fashion, Accenture, TCS, Genpact and Innoviti, in addition to this, they make me understand about the procedure and functions. And finally, I received my Offer Letter from "TCS" and "Headstrong", I go for TCS. Thanks Team.  

  • Subhash Bandaru


    Placed in Accenture

    I want to share a few information about my career and how job lagao helped me to got job in accenture.I was working in a logistics based company searching for job . I know lot of job portals and the way job lagao helped me is unbelievable. They referred me for TCS,Accenture etc. I was gone through both of the companies, finally opted for Accenture. even i informed to most of my colleagues about this site and how they are helping the people looking for bright opportunities.Thanks a lot Job Lagao.
  • Ankur Sand


    Presented several testing opportunities

    I came to know about joblagao last year and I was surprised to see lots of openings under one shelter. This site is very helpful for all the job seekers who are looking for a change irrespective of their domain, experience, qualification. I am really thankful to joblagao team that they have given me an opportunity to be part of it and helping me in my next career move.
  • Vijay Singh Bisht


    Placed him in Cognizant

    I would like to thank for helping me in cracking reputed MNC’s Twice. As my skill set was very niche and very few openings were there, but with help of joblagao team I was able to find openings which were matching exactly with my skill set. Once again thanks a lot to joblagao team and keep it up.
  • Sudha


    Found a work from home job in Canada

    Thank you joblagao for all of the job postings you have listed.It helped me choose a right job.Now, I am happily employed and enjoying my work.I got a right job ( work from home) which is very much suitable for my present situation.I once again thank joblagao for helping me find a good job.If I am in the position of looking for jobs in the future, I would most certainly use joblagao again.
  • Kamal Khandelwal


    Placed him in Citrix R&D Center, Bangalore

    I am Kamal Khandelwal and I got a job in a Product based company through Job lagao. I was working as a testing resource in a sevices company but I had an inclination for working in a product company and work on more technical stuff. I finally got a chance to work on latest cloud platform in a product company. joblagao is doing a great job. They are supportive and helpful. They have taken proactive efforts to schedule my interview and followed up with the concerned HR . They kept me informed at all stages . Right information. Genuine Support and care for candidates are the qualities which makes joblagao a unique job portal.Thank you joblagao.!!
  • Sudeep Guin


    Referred him for a couple of Java Opportunities

    I am a java professional. When I was looking for a change in career, I stumbled upon joblagao. At the first instance, I was hesitant to apply through them as I had not heard about such a website that specializes in employee referral jobs. But my fear gave way to opportunity when they scheduled two interviews in a couple of weeks. I was looking for a job in Hyderabad location and they helped me to get one pretty soon. Thanks to joblagao for doing the needful.
  • Kalyani Gupta


    Placed in Forsys Inc


    I am really very thankful to joblagao and their dedicated team, a very special thanks to Satyam Sinha, who guide and helped me a lot for getting a good job.  I am very happy with their proper support and right guidance to get a new job.   It is very great portal for getting job updates, specially for a fresher.  Getting job for fresher it is very difficult but this portal helped those candidate till they get a dream job. They reach the company through employee referrals.  This opens up many opportunities for the prospective employee.  The executives are professional and very cordial. Overall, its a smooth and easy experience.   I highly recommend Joblagao to anyone who is searching for a job. Thank you Joblagao and team !!!

  • Manjula Chandavari


    Presented several jobs on i2/JDA skill set

    I am Manjula Chandavari. I am looking for a change in job. Currently I am working as a IT Analyst.I heard a lot about this unique job career site. Hoping this portal helps me with right openings with proper guidance and right path. Thank you joblagao in advance !!!