Holiday List of 2014 in Citrix, Bangalore and Hyderabad


We are pleased to publish the holiday list of 2014 for Citrix R&D, Hyderabad and Bangalore. This will help you to plan your vacation. Wishing you a great year ahead.

Festival Holiday 15th Jan 2014 Wednesday   Makara Sankranthi P P
Festival Holiday 31st March 2014 Monday Chandramana Ugadi P P
State Holiday 1st May 2014 Thursday Mayday / Maharashtra Day   P P
Festival Holiday 29th July 2014 Tuesday Ramazan / ID P P
National Holiday    15th August 2014   Friday Independence day P P
Festival Holiday 29th August 2014 Friday Ganesh Chaturthi P P
National Holiday 2nd Oct 2014 Thursday Gandhi Jayanti P P
Festival Holiday 3rd Oct 2014 Friday Vijay Dashmi (Dasara) P P
Festival Holiday 24th Oct 2014 Monday Diwali P P
Festival Holiday 25th Dec 2014 Thursday Christmas P P
      Total 10 10

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