10 Tips to Improve Your Management Skills in College


In your school days, you must have read the lines – “Early to bed and early to rise…” This means the one who sleeps early, wakes up early too. If you want to become a doctor, then you should start preparing for it; right from your class 8th or 9th.  Here, we are also trying to say the same thing. If you want to become a manager in future. Then, try to incorporate the managerial qualities in you right from the beginning, i.e., your college days. First of all, let`s know – who is a manager? What are the skills needed to become a manager?

Manager is the one who gets his work done by others.” The art of getting his work done by others is well known by a manager. If you will peep in to your text book. You will find the definition of management. “The art of getting your work done by others in the desired manner is known as management.” Now, what is the management skills needed to become a good manager?

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  • Time management Skill
  • Leadership Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Decision-taking ability
  • Communication Skill
  • Conflict – management skill
  • Personnel management/ Relationship management skill
  • Project/ Team management Skill
  • Entrepreneur Skill/ Risk taking ability
  • Finance Management Skill

1. Time Management Skill:

The qualities of a manager are inside all of us. We only need to enhance it. Management is not only when you enter your office. It`s start from the time you get up from bed. At night, you put an alarm in your cell phone to get up ready for your college. You know how much time is needed by you to get ready for the classes. That is TIME MANAGEMENT. You can work on time management skill in the following way:

  • By being punctual for your college. You can improve your time management skill.
  • In between your studies, manage your time for co-curricular activities.
  • Finish your assignments within the stipulated time given.

2. Leadership Skill:

When you represent your college anywhere outside. That is the leadership quality in you.

  • Try to be the captain of your college.
  • Always become the initiator in order to become a leader.
  • Represent your college in inter-college competitions.

3. Professionalism:

It comes with the time. Still, you can try to be professional in your college days by concentrating straight on your studies.

  • Don`t be an emotional fool. Don`t flow in emotions.
  • Don`t allow people to take your undue advantage.
  • Speak when you are asking to speak.

4. Decision-Taking Ability:

When you take decision for others. And, if they are happy with your decisions. It means you are a good decision-maker. It makes you a good manager as well.

  • Don`t be self-centric while taking decisions.
  • Your decisions must be in favor of others; for the welfare of all.
  • Decision must be taken on time. As we know, “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

5. Communication Skill:

It is that skill which can neither be escaped nor over looked. Once, you start speaking, it has to come out on its own.

  • Take active participation in college debates and seminars.
  • Try to speak gently with your friends even when teachers are not around.
  • When you are talking. Try to sound confident and bold.

6. Conflict-Management Skill:

This skill is there in all of us. What we have to do, is to rejuvenate it.

  • Try to help your friends in coming out of their problematic situations.
  • When you find some thing wrong going on around. Then, try to manage it.
  • Get into messy situations and come with a solution.

7. Personnel Management Skill:

It can also be understood as “Relationship management skill.” Managing the human resources is known as personnel management. “Personnel are a group of people working together at a place.”

  • Be kind and polite with your class mates, teachers and college staffs as well.
  • Always try to be generous and helpful in order to build good relations.
  • Try to maintain your relationships by being truthful, loyal and keeping transparency.

8. Project/Team Management Skill:

When you are in a project. It means you got your team and now, this is the skill which you have to show case.

  • Suppose all your class mates are your team members and bring that team spirit in you.
  • Always, think twice before doing anything. Think what impact it is going to make on your team.
  • Team-building is one thing but being a part of a team and maintaining it for long is yet another.

9. Entrepreneur Skill:

We all are inborn entrepreneur. We come across various situations, where we have to take risk. This risk-taking ability is nothing but the entrepreneur skill.

  • When you start a small scale business apart from your studies. It is the entrepreneur in you.
  • As per your interest and hobby, you can try to earn while studying like giving tuitions to juniors.
  • If you have chosen a subject, which is your weak point but still marks obtaining. It is again the entrepreneur skill.

10. Finance Management Skill

Managing your personal income expenditure comes under finance management.

  • If you manage funds or generate revenue; for any college event or function. It is finance management skill.
  • Keeping record of all the outcome and income in terms of audit is also finance management.
  • If you raising money for a charity you support while in college. Looking after that money, whether or not it is being utilized for the right purpose. It is also a kind of finance management for that charity.

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