12 Tips to Avoid Job Application Mistakes


When it comes to applying for the job you have always aspired for, one must make sure that it is done perfectly. Even some of the smallest mistakes may seem like a huge disapppintment to the employee and may become the reason for your rejection.

Here are some job application mistakes that you should steer clear of.

Avoid Spelling/Grammatical mistakes

In a job application, spelling or grammatical mistakes cast a bad impression as it either shows you are not well versed with the language or it shows that you completed the application in a rush. Eitherways, it is bad for you. This mistake can be easily avoided by making sure you give proper time to filling the application and if you are typing, the spelling and grammar can be easily checked by installing ‘Grammarly’ app into your system. If you have hand written, it will make sense to get it checked by one or more friends so that you are sure that it is error-proof.

Follow the process

As you may have noticed, every job application has its own required format. They may ask you to fill out certain details in a particular pattern and failing to do so will create an impression that you have a lack of attention to detail or you do not comply to the guidelines. This mistake can be easily avoided by reading the guidelines first and making sure that you take mental notes to follow them.

Modify the resume to suit the job-role

You may have a lot of experiences and skills listed on your resume but if you fail to highlight the roles relevant to the job role you have applied for, you might fail to cast a lasting impression. To avoid this mistake, you must understand very well the requirements of the job and then draft your resume accordingly. Understand what role, what skills and what specific requirements they are looking at.

Put enough effort in cover letter

Cover letter is an important part of your job application so one must make sure that a lot of time and thought has been put into it. A cover letter must not be generic to all applications but must be carefully drafted out to suit each requirement. To make it even more personalised, it must address the hiring manager through his name. Make sure you always tailor cover letter according to the requirements.

Go beyond job description

It’s imperative to know well about the company, its mission, its values and other details that are relevant to the company. You can find these details on the company website or on their Linkedin profiles. It’s important to know this as this gives you an upperhand if  you qualify for further rounds.

Do not leave fields blank

An application form is very well thought of by the company so unless it is optional, do not leave any application field blank. It may create an impression that you do not pay attention to detail.

Do not turn in the application late

To be promt and on time lasts a good impression as all organusations essentially want people who are punctual, sincere and dedicated.  Even if you find out about an opening just two hours before, still ensure you submit on time.

Include all Attachments

Make sure you read through the list of all documents required and understand the format in which they are required. While sending the application, do not forget to attach them. These documents are not only necessary for your application to be considered, they are the basis through which your profiles are compared with other profiles.

Do not Apply if you are obviously overqualified or underqualified

Employers are looking for someone to suit the role that he has in mind. To state it, they mention details like they want atleast a certain number of years of job experience. If you apply when you know you underqualified or over-qualified for that role, you are wasting yours as well as the employer’s time.

Have a Professional Email Address

Please make sure you have a professional looking email address that definitely has some parts of your name. A not so professional looking email address creates a bad impression. Also, maintain a professional tone in everything you write in the Email.

Be Clear in all Your Responses

Giving too much details may leave the employer confused. Write only what is aksed for and try to convey more in less words. Clarity is ensured when your resume is neither too long nor too short.

Explain Employment Gaps

If there’s a provision to do so, make sure you explain all your employment gaps as otherwise the employer may assume things that might not be positive for you.

Keeping these small points in mind will help you avoid the most common mistakes people make in a job application.

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