5 Quick Tips to Avoid Interview Blunders



1. Now or Never


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It's about punctuality. As it’s “your” interview, so, you must be before time or at least on time. There are certain companies who are very particular about time. If you don`t show up on time, they might cancel your interview or postpone it.Your first impression is built on your punctuality itself. Punctuality is the first thing that is getting noticed about you. So, beware! The moment you reach the venue, you have to mention the time there.

You must try to reach at your interview location before time as it would be a new place for you and you have to roam here and there to search for the correct building (like in a huge tech park). So, calculate your time likewise. Time management is very important. Moreover, you must keep in mind that your interviewer has scheduled your interview from his/her own busy schedule and is waiting for you now. So, better be on time. Don't follow the much ridiculed IST (Indian Stretchable Time). In companies like Accenture and Cognizant, they might ask you for video conference. As there are limited availability of Tandberg or other virtual meeting rooms, so the HR reserves it well in advance. If you are not on time for the interview then this is certainly not acceptable.

2. Your Attitude determines your altitude


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Don`t try to be over smart at the time of your interview. Even on the phone, while you are communicating with any representative regarding your interview location or schedule, you must not be over smart.This gives a negative impact and this message may go directly to the HR. In such cases, your interviewer might cancel the interview without even meeting you.

So, beware during your communication when it’s about your new job. You must be patient if they take time to answer your mails or phone calls. Behave professionaly and show politeness as they are also human beings helping you on your way. So, try being co-operative always. While you're interviewed, answer only what you know properly. Let your smartness be elicited by your knowledge and not your words.

3. Don`t be a Question Bank


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Well, when you are appearing for an interview; let the interviewer question you as he has to judge you. Keep your queries with you safely and clear all your doubts when you are asked to. Don`t ask unnecessary questions like who is the co-founder of the company and when is your company formed; how many branches are there, what is annual revenue and likewise which are of no use for you at that time.

Moreover, it doesn`t look nice if you ask such irrelevant questions directly at the time of interview. The person who is taking you interview might have joined few months before and thus, he/she might themselves not be knowing such things about the company. So, don`t try to harass them unnecessarily with such questions, unless you have applied for the post of CEO. Even, if you have acquainted with some controversial news, don`t ask it directly at that time; It doesn`t make sense.

4. Be aware about your role


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Prepare well for your interview in advance. You must be aware about which role or position they are hiring you for. Whether that role matches with your skill set or not, make it clear in advance. Don`t get confused and make a fuss afterwards at the time your interview. These are the reasons due to which candidates refuse to join after getting selected and it doesn`t look nice at all. This way, you are wasting your own time and others' too. So, make such things clear before going for an interview.

Sometimes it happens that your current expertise is in a particular area but now you want to switch to some other domain.Now, you get the offer based on your current skill. After cracking the interview, when you come to know about the role and responsibilities, you disagree to go further. Here, the company is loosing one of its potential hire and the applicant is loosing a good opportunity due to some misconception.So, make sure you know well about your role and responsibilities,skill set, and the traits which the organization is looking for that position.This will favor both, the candidates as well as the company.Try to understand that you cannot be multitasking all the times. If you think that you can write the code as well test it and then be a functional consultant to solve your cleint's problem, then you are wrong my friend. Be focussed on one area.

5. Grooming & Dressing


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When it comes for the interview, we want to give our best look to make the first impression pretty well but it does not mean that you dress up as if you are going for a party or wedding reception. Well, you must know that corporate life has its own sense of dressing depending on the days of week. Formals is the safest option.Even if you are going on Friday, try not to go in Jeans and casuals.You might not be aware of the dress code policy.

At least, you should try to dress-up in business casual and not in round – neck t-shirts or, something very bright and short. Especially, the female candidates must be looking decent. They must not very bright make-up consisting of eye-liners and lipsticks or foundation base. It does not make sense to put on such things when going for an interview. Even if you want to, it should be in a very light manner that cannot be noticed easily. You must not use very strong deodorants or perfumes. The mantra for make-up and perfume is neutral. Wear a neutral make-up and a fresh fragrance.

Now, it's the time for some quick tips; have a quick look before going for your first or next interview:

  • Be confident about yourself but not overconfident.
  • Answer your questions smartly but not over smartly.
  • Inform people in advance if you are unable to attend the interview due to some reason.
  • Keep certain things clear in your mind, like why you want this job; how important is this job for you, etc.
  • Be well dressed according to the place and purpose.
  • Keep yourself neat, tidy and clean.
  • Carry only essential elements with you.
  • Try to be on time always.
  • Have patience if the rush is too much there.
  • Wait for your turn and result.

Don't make blunders, Try to create wonders.

Bon Chance!!

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