5 Tips To Improve Your Social Networking Values


Social networking has become one of the fastest and easiest medium of communication nowadays. If you have to share your thoughts, opinions, point of view; you can keep it in front of the whole world through social networking. We talk about face book, linked in, twitter or whatsApp; they are the fastest means of expressing yourself in the best way, you can. Today we click so much of selfies all the time. Why so? To upload it on social sites. Where ever we visit, we first update it on social sites, later start enjoying the place. Whatever food we order or cook, we first share its picture on social site, later start eating. The craze of social site has grown to its height. Even in our wash room, we don`t forget to surf these social sites. In exams, sometimes, we write words likes tym instead of time, c for she and  so on. What`s all these? These are the fever of being socially active all the time.

Today we get ready not for our loved one`s. Just for the likes on face book. More is the number of likes; much more will be your fan following. Apart from all these, nowadays, social networking is playing an unprecedented role in helping you fetching jobs. There are so many small and big companies; who are taking help of social media, in the process of background verification too.  Therefore, one needs to be very alert while being socially active. Social networking values help you both professionally as well as personally. Let`s learn how to improve your social networking values.

While you must be active on social media, but remember that you are a professional too. These tips will help you to balance your social media quotient and your professional image.

1. LinkedIn:


Linked in is a well known social site for recruiters as well as job seekers. Attention job seekers!!! Make your linked in profile in a proper way. Add all your qualifications, achievements and merits. Add your resume as well. Add a nice profile picture which is not so casual. Mention all the necessary details truly. Add only people those you know earlier. Don`t add random people. Don`t share random news or article. Share only those news or article which is related to your skill set or functional area. Share meaningful posts. Ur single picture. Keep your professional demeanor! Keep your professional image really professional. Use only professional pictures. Join group related to your skill set. Give intelligent comment when there`s a discussion inside the group. These things are going to increase your social value.

Don’t give any confidential information about the product of your company or a deal on social media.


2. Facebook:


The most popular social networking site connecting the world together! It has gained much more popularity and importance than any other social site. Face book is for family and friends. One should not write anything related to office rumor or office politics on face book. Don`t discuss about your professional ups and downs here. It`s like degrading about your professional life on social site. Don`t make fun of your company on face book. These days, people are looking for digital media connections. Try to build good network in the same domain. If you are researcher in physics; then join the related groups so that you may get updates related to your field. It will help building your professional image socially. You can promote your works here. Or, if you are in need of some resources. Then, you can post it here. This platform is going fulfill all your queries socially.


3. Instagram:


Instagram is an online social networking service mainly meant for photo – sharing and video – sharing. It enables its users to take pictures and videos and share their pictures on various social platforms like Face book, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr at a time. You should share sensible pictures here. Don`t forget, you could have your employer here on instagram. So, maintain your professional decorum. Might be, you are yourself an assistant manager, all your team members are here on instagram. You are sharing your own personal pictures of partying late night. What image you are going to build yourself in your team-member`s mind! Next time, when you will scold them, they will not be afraid of you. So, you have to be very careful regarding these things. Social media can be used as a destructive agent too.


4. Blogs:


Blogs are the platforms where you can share your views, opinions and ideas with the whole world. This is also one of the interactive platforms where the visitors can leave comments and message each other. This is why it can be seen as a social networking service too. There are various blogs on which people comment and share their views and get good hits. One should write comments only on famous blogs. For an example, if you have written something on Washington Post; then, people will definitely follow you. This is going to increase your social networking value. Whenever you are commenting something on blog, then, it`s going to be public and all your friends and colleagues are going to read it. So, be careful about this. Don`t put your comments here and there randomly. The authenticity of the blog must be verified.


5. Twitter:


Twitter is also an online social networking service. It enables its users to read and send short messages which are known as “tweets”.  If you are a registered user, you can easily read and post tweets. On the contrary, if you have not registered yourself on twitter, you can only read the tweets, cannot post. Twitter profile is the most professional of all. All the big celebrities, politicians, cricketers and even media persons have their eye on twitter and its tweets. So, one has to be cautious while posting tweets here. Next time, when you comment on anyone`s tweet; remember, even your company`s director can read it. Twitter profile must be very unique as well. Give all the information required correctly. Don`t tweet unnecessarily in order to get just fame. Your tweets or comments must be meaningful.

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