5 Ways to Tackle an Intolerant Manager


When you enter in to your home, no matter, whether your children are happy with you or not. Whether your parents like you or not. What matters most is; whether your WIFE is happy with you or not! If home minister is happy, things are under control. Similarly, at your work place, whether your manager is happy with you or not, matters the most! Although you are a hard worker, but, your work is not getting recognition. Why so? It`s because you are unable to highlight yourself in front of your manager. Completed all your work on time, but, when you get a call from manager, your heart beat increases! Why so? Aren`t you in the list of his favorite employees? If yes, then, not to worry. Here are some tips that will help you grew better and better in the eyes of your manager. Remember,Manager” itself comes with the word “MANAGE”; it means you have to manage your manager!  Generally we use to hear one thing in common that “People don`t leave their job, they leave their manager.” So, either you manage with your manager or you make your mind to leave the job. Wherever you go, managers will be there. It`s like your “mathematics” subject; although you don`t like it but you have to bear with it, at least to get the pass marks.

1. Be a good listener:

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Till now, you have been said to develop your speaking ability. But, now it`s time to develop your listening abilities.

If your boss is shouting at you for silly things or for a small mistake such as a typo error. Don`t take it otherwise. Use wisely both your ears. Be careful from the next time. Listen him/her patiently. While listening you are not going to loose anything, not even your energy. Let them loose their’s! Get your work done in their desired manner. After sometime, they will be fine with the delivery. If your boss is rejecting your presentation without any appropriate reason. Take it in a positive way. Start reviewing your presentations again and again. Put more attention to the details of your project. You will find yourself working smoother in this way.

2. 360 Degree Feedback:

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Wait until the right time comes i.e., performance appraisal time. You can caste your precious vote against him/her.

Now, more or less every company is following 360 degree feedback process. In this process, you can give confidential and anonymous feedback regarding your intolerant manager. The ball is in your court now. You will blurt – out whatever you feel and the concerned person would never come to know. It means without spoiling your image, you can get your work done. Apart from this, you can also use Skip level feedback system! In this system, you can directly report to his/her manager. Or, you can talk to the HR. But, before doing this; make sure all your deliverables are good and acceptable. If many people will report against your manager, then, definitely action will be taken against him/her soon.

3. Time to show your smartness at work:

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Some managers are really dumb type. Don`t get irritated with them. Embrace them as an opportunity!

The one who doesn`t know much about the work, often like those employees who are good at work. Those who understand the work better than him; and help them in his work. Such managers always keep a pet employee for themselves. If you can do your manager`s work; he will be really happy with you. Undoubtedly, doing others work along with your own plethora of work makes you 150% occupied! But, it`s one of the way to keep your mangers happy; and at the same time helping them too. Try to make your manger feel like your god father. Don`t let him know what you actually feel for him. It increases their morale although they know they are dependent on you.This particular category of manager will be intolerant towards others but he will be good towards you. And you, Yes YOU might expect a mid-term promotion too.

4. Try to understand their perception:

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You can understand your manager better by keeping yourself at their place.

To become adorable to your manager, you need to understand their point of view. Your manager is also a human being. If he shouts at you at the work place, it doesn`t mean at all that he/she is so in nature. It`s all due to the work pressure, pressure to meet the deadline, to finish the project on time and budget, etc.  So, try to make a personal relation with your manager. Try to understand him as a person! How he actually is, beyond the office hours. You can join him at lunch breaks or at team lunch or at office outdoor outings. Use these times in knowing your manger better. It will help you in knowing what kind of work he actually wants from you. What kind of person he is. A good personal reputation will ease off the intolerance in him/her.

5. Keep monitoring yourself:

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One of the major reasons of lagging behind is watching others rather than watching ourselves.

This is one of the biggest mistake which we often commit either consciously or unconsciously. Usually at tea breaks or lunch breaks, we start gossiping and our favorite topic is our manager. Moreover, if the manager is new to us, we can`t resist ourselves comparing him/her with the previous one. Amidst all these, we forget that our words could reach to the ears of management.  You should be very careful even when talking among your friends. You never know, which words go against you. It could be harmful in the long run as well. You might have been considered for a new onsite project in the coming  month. And, due to one of your silly mistake or funny remark, you might loose the opportunity.Try not to irritate your manager who is already tolerant.

“May God gives you the strength to handle your Intolerant Manager”

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