7 Things You Need to Know About Personality & Professional Success!!!


One`s personality reflects one`s position. If you meet a top level manager; by seeing his/her personality, it immediately strikes in your mind, he/she must be the manager. When you will listen to some one from onshore region, their speech will reflect their professional graph. So, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” Show it at the right place at the right time.

Here are those seven things which you need to know about your personality and which is going to lead your graph of professional success.

  1. Skills Development – Skills development includes both kind of skills i.e., inter personal skills and external skills. You should work on your communication skill first because this is the foremost requirement in building up your personality. You can refer to our article – 6 things you need to know about communication.” Apart from this, you must keep yourself upgraded and updated as you keep your mobile apps. Try to learn all the new technologies coming day by day . Make yourself “jack of all trades but master of none”.
  2. Time management – Time is precious. An efficient time management is the key thing which you learn in your management classes. Start from your every day life, right from the moment you wake up till you sleep. If you can manage time in your daily life, you can implement it beautifully in your work life as well. Sunday`s are exceptional for all. That`s joke apart while the truth is that “Time and Tide Waits for None.” Most of the projects talks about “ON TIME and ON BUDGET”. If you can mange your time, you can get your projects done within the stipulated time or even before that. In this way, you can be the star performer of your team.
  3. Success Management – Success management means your ability to manage your success. You must know, one of the greatest reasons of failure person is that they are not able to manage their success well. So, being successful is one thing while remaining successful is another. Success can be seen in different aspects like your clients must be happy with your performance, your project must be successful, your plans and ideas must be successful and likewise. If you succeed in your risk taking decisions in your entrepreneurial journey then you can become a successful business man.
  4. Relationship Management – Relationship management is yet another important personality trait which one needs to have for professional success. It shows your relationship with all the three levels of management – top level management, middle level management and the bottom level management. No matter, in which level you are. You must keep in mind, that you are a part of a family comprising of all the three levels. Your behavior with all the people you are working with must be cordial and kind. It also helps you at the time of performance appraisal. You must not be a short-tempered person, it can ruin your relationship with your peers.
  5. Proper Judgment – Decision taking capability is an aother must have trait . It`s very important from the aspect of your professional success. Nobody except you, can take the best decision for you. You are the one who is responsible for fulfilling your dreams, for achieving your desires. This can be done only when you are able to take the right decision at the right time for the right thing at the right place. The foremost quality you need to have,to become a manager, is decision taking ability. You must have heard, “Justice delayed is justice denied.”
  6. Character Development – If you want to join the long run; be a man with the strong character. Your thoughts, ambitions, communication style, history, appearance, relationships; all these things comprise your character jointly. There is a character defect in every one – that one thing by which people around us gets irritated. We must work on it to develop our character strongly. While working together, you might come across situations where you need to be very strong from inside to fight back. It can be possible only when you are having a strong character. “Everyone tries to suppress the sponge but no one tries to suppress the iron rod”.
  7. Financial Development – If you are economically sound person, it means you are financially developed. Being financially developed builts your self confidence. You can also afford all the latest technologies. You will not lag behind in this Digital World. It will help your career. You can work on your grooming and dressing. You will be working to learn new things, not just for the sake to earn your bread and butter. You will not be compromising with the kind of work you are doing or your work environment. Hence it constitutes a key role in your Development.

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