7 Tips to Crack Job Interview


With increase in competition you need to be perfect to handle the interview, here are few tips that will help you to stand a chance against the competition, change your attitude and overcome fear.

1. Job Requirement:

One should do a complete research in company’s services, products and customers which will give you an edge in understanding and addressing the organization needs.More over this will make a clear vision whether the job fits you or not.

2. Positive Attitude:

The interviewer is not interested on how this job will solve your personal problems. He wants someone who can be beneficial. So you need to remove the thought of how this job will solve your problem. You must think how you can be beneficial to the organization. Always think about how you can contribute to meet the needs of the organization.

3. Preparation:

You should have excellent preparation fulfilling the requirement of the company and there should be deep study done before you appear for an interview.Lack of knowledge may lead to both under and over confidence in you.

4. The HR interview:

Nearly half of the candidates FAIL to clear this round. You may have cleared your technical rounds. You still have HR interview to face.The main job of an HR is to understand the character of the interviewee and see if you would fit into the corporate culture. So be a good listener and try to answer the questions properly.

5. Overcome Your Fear:

Jack Canfield once said “Everything you want is on the other side of fear”. This is the most dangerous obstacle in anyone’s life. We fear losing something which we love.Now when you have followed above points, it should be clear to you that you have done the complete research on the company and you have out of box thinking of doing something for the organization. So if you get selected it’s beneficial for both you and the organization and if they don’t select you then it’s THEIR LOSS, so be confident and think if they select you it’s their benefit.

6. Be Honest:

Be honest in your answers, a good organization values honesty and flexibility in you and your answers. If you don’t know something, be honest to accept it rather than answering wrong. Michelle Obama once said “we learned about honesty and integrity. You don’t play by your own sets of rule. Success doesn’t count unless you earn it fair and square”.

7. Have faith even in your failure:

Even if you don’t crack the job don’t feel disappointed rather make efforts to find out what went wrong and try to improve on those fields. If you feel satisfied with your efforts then there is nothing to worry about. There are many opportunities that will come forth you. It is failure that gives you the proper perspective on successEllen DeGeneres.

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