A Peek-a-Boo Into 2016 Job Scenario – Listing 10 Best Paying Jobs this Year


2016 is being foreseen as a year of growth for the Indian economy. It promises good job prospects as well as a pay hikes as high as 10-30 percent, according to the HR experts. Hopes have been pinned on e-commerce sector. There is a lot of buzz around the ‘make in India’ project and this will focus mainly on the manufacturing sector with IT, ITES, banking and financial services, logistics and transportation forming the support system around it providing employment and high remunerations.

With the right skill set and training the working professional can look forward to a year of growth and progress in their careers.

Information Technology

The IT – BPO industry has come up as the largest private sector employer in India. For someone with the right skill sets and training career prospects in IT sector are tremendous. Also, Information technology has its presence in almost every sector which makes the job prospects even brighter.

Computer hardware engineers, Computer software engineers, Information systems manager, Computer programmers, Computer system analyst, Database Administrators, Program manager, Web developer, Mobile application developer are some of the options in the IT industry.

Software application development has become a very lucrative job with a great pay package. Web designing is another area with good job prospects. Program managers earn upto 19 lakh annually. IT professional working in the IT companies or Telecom earn much more than their peers in the government or health industries.

Medical Professionals

Doctors and surgeons are highly respected in every country. Their job entails long and strenuous hours.

The main specialisations include General Medicine, General Surgery, Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, ENT, Psychiatry, Anaesthesiology etc. further specialisations in Plastic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Cardio-thoracic surgery, Paediatric Surgery the remuneration are very high . Specialty hospitals are coming up everywhere, within the country as well as abroad and offering better employment opportunities and remuneration. Other prospects under medicine include nursing, pharmacist, dentistry, radiologist, nutritionist etc.

Management professionals

Managerial jobs are there in a wide range of industries in the both the public sector and the private sector. Industries as varied as construction, health, FMCG etc. All industries require managers with good understanding of the business operations and who can run them efficiently. MBA graduates will fetch an average package of 7-9 lakh. Top companies recruit graduates from IITs and IIMs and offer much higher packages. marketing manager, sales manager, product manager are some of the positions under the management role.

Chartered Accountants

Chartered accounts (CA) handle tax management, auditing, financial accounting, cost accounting for the organisation. It is a very rewarding job. Certificate of practice from Institute of Charted Accounting of India (ICAI) is to be obtained to become anCA. Fresher earn upto 7 lakhs yearly. Salaries go as high as 24 lakhs for the experienced CAs, with an option to start his or her own firm.

Business Consultants

Business consultant firms offer solutions and implementation of solution for strategic challenges clients face and help improve productivity. Consulting jobs are broadly categorised under strategy, information technology and process and operations sector.
A post graduate degree or MBA are a must. Industry experience will help bag an offer from the top consulting firms with a high end pay package. Consultants in India earn a salary ranging from 3 lakh to 17 lakhs and the job entails several perks and incentives. Top consulting firms prefer graduates from IITs and IIMs.Accenture , Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte Consulting, McKinsey, KPMG are some of the big names in the field of business consulting.

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Investment Bankers

Investment bankers primarily deal with raising financial capital for companies, government and individuals. The basic salary of an analyst will be around 5-9 lakhs, Associates earn anything between 6-13 lakhs. The salary packages increases depending on the years of experience one has. Graduates from IIMs have managed to get packages upto 1 crore. 50% of the package comprises the salary; the remaining 50% are performance based incentives.

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Recent trends have shown a movement of lawyers from litigation towards well – organised corporate law firms and legal departments of corporates. With global companies entering the Indian market, the scope of corporate law has increased many folds and this has led to it becoming one of the most lucrative options with high salary packages. Salaries vary depending on the years of experience. Starting with salaries between 6-9 lakhs yearly, they go up to 10-15 lakhs after a few years of experience. It can be much higher depending not only in the experience but also the reputation.

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Aviation professionals

Professional working in the civil aviation industry includes pilots, aircraft maintenance engineers, ground duty service officers and cabin crew. To acquire a commercial pilot license will cost around 15-20 lakhs in a private school and around 10 lakhs in a government one. The salaries earned by the CPL can be anywhere between Rs. 40,000 to a jaw dropping 4 lakh a month along with perks.

Entertainment industry

This industry has been a fast growing industry in India and the prospects of its growth are brighter even in the coming years. Some of major segments under the entertainment industry include TV, print, films, digital advertising, gaming, music etc. Actors are one of the highest paid professional in the country. Other professions include directors, producers, graphic designers, models, editor etc. Social media is coming up as one of areas with highest salaries in India.


Until recently cricket dominated the sports scene in India, with cricketers being one of the highest paid athletes. But there has been a change with the boxing, tennis, wrestling, badminton coming to the forefront. Indian youth sees sports as a rewarding career. Universities like Delhi University are offering course in physical education and sport sciences. Other profiles that one can go for other than professional player are sports event manager, coach, physical education instructor or referee.

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