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Accenture has branded its employee referral job campaign as Talent Scout. Accenture encourages employee referral jobs. First get referred by an employee. Then try to appear for the walk-in as it is the best way to get into Accenture. When they open a RR (Recruitment Request), the HR opens it for all location so that they can get resumes from all the metro cities. The internal approval may take around a week. Once the RR is flagged for external hiring, an employee of Accenture will be able to upload your profile in the portal.

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Make sure that you provide your Address, Date of Birth and location preference to the referrer and also upload it in the resume. The employee needs to refer through this The referral process is slightly cumbersome. First the employee has to enter basic details of the candidate like Name, DOB, and Location preference and contact number (Note contact number is to be added without zero) next, the employee will have to enter all the details including previous employment and education details.

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Once the employee successfully refers, you will get a Candidate ID (CID number). This is a tracking number. The candidate and referrer will get automated email as given below:

From: []

Sent: Friday, July 14, 2014 12:44 PM


Subject: Thank you for your referral to Accenture Recruiting

Reference CID: C3370082

Dear ABC,

Thank you for referring Raj Singh for the requirements at Accenture Delivery Centers for Technology in India.

We appreciate your continued support to fulfill our job opportunities.

Warm Regards,

Accenture Recruitment Team

Whenever an interview is scheduled, the referrer will get an automated email that interview is scheduled or the candidate is rejected. If you have already applied in the last one year, then you will not be able to upload again as you will get a duplicate message as given below:

This resume are already exist in Database, may referred by other source

If the referral is a success, you will get a message as given below:

 Status of the candidatewill be shown “Onboard”.

The approximate referral amount is given below:

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Sample Onboard Reward Table:


Regular Referral Bonus

Referral bonus for - Niche skills set

Level 8 & 9

INR 25000

INR 35000

Level 10 & 11

INR 15000

INR 25000

Level 12

INR 4000

INR 9000


Normally, the first technical round will be telephonic. There could be one more managerial round. The final round will be face to face round, so you will need to go Accenture's office for the same. However if you do not have an Accenture's office in your current city, then the HR will ask you to come to a nearby City. For example, a candidate from Ranchi (Jharkhand) was selected in the first round. He was asked to go to Gurgaon office for the Second round

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The numbers of openings are approx. 3 times the requirement. So if they need 5 Java resources, they will have the opening for 15 Java resources. If they shortlist 10 in the final round, they may conduct final face-to-face round in for 8-9 candidates. Then they will roll out the offer to only 5. The other 3-4 will be a backup.

 Once the candidate joins the company, the employee gets the referral amount after a month when the candidate joins. For example, if the candidate joins on the 29th of February 2014, the referral amount will be credited to the referrer's account in the Salary of March 2014. However if the candidate leaves the company within six months of joining then the referral amount will be recovered from the payroll.

 They also come up with several campaigns for Employee Referral. See a sample list of gifts and vouchers distributed to Employees.

Here’s a glimpse of the prizes you can win


Number of Winners


Top 12 Referrers at PSI Stage


Gift voucher from Adidas for Jerseys

Maximum number of Women Referrals @ PSI clear


Wrist ipods

Top 5 Referrers at PFI stage


Wrist ipods+Voucher for Jerseys

2 Onboard


Footballs or Adidas Girls Jacket +Gym bag + Running shoes

Maximum number of successful on boards (Minimum = 3)




Note Accenture also provides diversity, so female candidates are also welcome.There is an additional referral amount

Read: Accenture careers and interview through Employee Referral

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