Ah! Petrichor..


I was working late in the evening in the office. My eyes were tired and I was looking forward for some relaxation. I gazed outside the glass window. The sky was overcast and probably it was going to rain. To start a casual conversation, I asked a colleague.. “ It’s going to rain heavily today.. isn’t it?” Immediately she looked at her smart phone to check the weather. Today’s generation has changed completely and has become too dependent on technology that they even ignore the signs of nature. Suddenly it starts raining and some drops fall on the toughened glass. I gaze out of the window. I could see the winds blowing away dust from the nearby field. I just gaze at it blankly thinking I would smell the rain but alas I can’t.. Ah! Petrichor..

After coming to the IT industry, I am not even able to enjoy the simple things of nature. Instead of enjoying the rain and weather, I am working on forecasting and analytics to predict what a large retail in the US is going to sell more in case of bad weather. Well, I have made this choice and I have no regrets but the internet, technology and smart phone has not made me any smarter. Earlier, the student felt proud on solving a complex mathematical calculation or remembering the spelling and meaning of an uncommon word. But look at today’s generation. They look smarter if they carry a smarter and expensive phone. As I type this article on a word doc, the intelligent MS word is underlining the spelling where I have made a typo. It has created so much dependency that I do not recollect the spelling of some simple words. If you take away the technology, probably I would end in a blackout state not knowing how to write on a piece of paper.

I remember another incident. Once I was reading newspaper and sipping morning tea, my kid asked me what’s the date today. I immediately pulled up my cell and looked at the screen for today’s date. After a fraction of seconds, I was surprised by my own behavior. Had this been early 2000, I would have looked at the newspaper for the current date. Look at the way things have changed.

Well, technology has not only touched our lives, it has also intruded in our life. As most of the IT employees work in a stressed environment, so I would suggest 5  points to make your life more like a human being

*Use the gadgets as this is the need of the hour but do not depend completely on it.

*Instead of making several hundred friends, find few friends to whom you can talk to

*Spend some casual time with colleagues over tea, coffee and lunch breaks

*Instead of communicating on WhatsApp and IM, talk to people sometimes

*Last but not the least , enjoy Petrichor when you can….

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