Are You Ageing on Your office Chair? 7 Ways We Can Tell


How difficult is it to get out of your comfort zone? You may not realize it but it’s really tough. Many a times we are content the way things are, even though things may be affecting you in the wrong way without you realizing it. In good old days people barely changed jobs. Your parents would still advise you to stick to a steady path but not changing your job at the right time may stunt your career growth immensely. Other than that there are various factors that you must keep an eye for and as soon as you get the signs you should plan to move on.

Following are the sure signs that you need a change.

1. There has been no positive movement in your position:


You have been in your company for past three years and there has been no change in your status quo. You are working at a similar position and are being offered almost the same remuneration for all those years. While you may think that you are comfortable in your position and you would have to face the big bad world if you leave the current job and move somewhere else where you aren’t sure how the environment and your fellow colleagues would be. Trust me, all those insecurities are uncalled for. If you really want to make progress, you must learn to deal with these fears and look for change.

2. Going to work in the morning seems like a challenge:


You dread the morning alarm that wakes you to prepare for your work day ahead. You want to thrash the alarm clock and go back to your world of dreams which gives you a better sense of being. Seriously, there is something wrong and seemingly irreparable at your current job. You must find out the exact reason of you loathing the current job. Whether it’s the work, the colleagues or your boss that is knocking you down. In any case when you have reached such lows, the best option to find a better opportunity and make a fresh start

3. You are not being challenged enough:


You can complete your tasks in your sleep. There has been no task at hand that has challenged you for years. You are just doing the chores and haven’t had an opportunity to learn anything new. While it is good that you excel at the work that you do but is that enough? The world is changing at the speed of light and not being able to learn new skills isn’t a good sign. The next opportunity that you explore must have the potential of offering you more than just remuneration.

4. You are feeling stressed:


You are constantly busy at work; so much so that your work related stress is affecting your physical health. Not only are you affected but people that matter to you, your family, are also getting affected due to your work related stressed. It’s time to take a step back and give your health a priority. In the wake of the same you should start looking for an opportunity that aligns better with your work-life balance and helps you manage your health in a better way.

5. Your best skills are barely utilized:


Your current job requirements do not align with your best skills at all. While you were trained to be a programmer you have ended up providing customer support for various software products. No wonder you feel frustrated at your situation, however just going through your routine is not going to solve that. Start finding your options. Even if it means taking a cut you must look for an option that would help you enhance your core skills that you always dreamt of building your career upon.

6. Your role keeps changing:


Your company keeps re-structuring and every now and then your role keeps changing. This keeps hampering your chances of being focused on a single skill that you can claim to be an expert on. This also impacts your priorities, focus and progress.




7. You have come across an excellent offer:


You have been offered the job of your dreams. Everything is right about this opportunity. This would not only give you the push you always wanted but will also give you the raise you deserved. Well, what are you waiting for then? Get going, apply today.

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