Are You In The Right Job To Get Married?


First you say “Bhagwan ji please yeh job lagwa dijiye, aage se kuch nahi maguga. Bas, ek job mil jaaye fir to life set hai.” Once you get the job after few days, you get bore with it.

Daily same office, same work life and when you get back to your home after a tiring day. There`s no one waiting for you. No one with whom you can share your every day`s story. You start feeling as if life sucks! Now, again you say to god, “ Bhagwan ji ek achii naukri to mil gayi but ladki ka kya.”

Recently, I got the chance to interview an interesting guy whose story actually motivated me to write this article for you. He is working in a big enterprise but on a small scale salary. I gave him the offer to join our start-up on a big scale. He said, I seriously want to join your company but not now. Once, I get married I will join you. I asked why so…? You know what he said “A person who is working in a start-up although at a very good package. Doesn`t get so many matrimony alliance as the person, working in a big firm even at low scale.” It`s like, packaging matters not the product inside. Yes, you can gift your old items in a new cover whereas you can`t give a new item in an old cover.
Now, it`s time to analyze your company from the perspective of getting married. Ask yourself below given few questions and you will come to know – Are you in the right job to get married or not?


Are you a Start-Up guy?

A person who is working in an exciting start-up now moving towards MNC. Why so? He knows, he could get a suitable match as early as he moves. As you can see, every day a new mobile app is popping up. Like food ordering app, shopping app, entertainment app, etc. These all have been made possible due to the effort of start-up guys. They made our life easier. But, you know, lots of lay-offs are taking place in these start-ups. The person who works in a start-up finds it difficult to get married. This is why he thinks of shifting to some known brands when it comes to start his matrimony discussion.


Are you a Nomad?

If you are working in a consultancy firm. You might have to travel a lot. At times, when your prospective in – laws would be waiting for you at your home. Either you missed your flight or your train is 24 hours late. When your family wants to fix you some where. They have to wait for you to travel back. Some times, things get slipped off easily with the passing of time. Time and tide waits for none. In such a case, you will not be in the list of suitable matrimonial alliance.


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Does your company have a Branch Office?

A tree which has more number of branches seems to be the older and thus more reliable. While one with no branches, does not catch attention. You might be working in a million dollar start-up whose annual turn over is even more than Airtel. But, when you tell about your company to some one who is new. The first question raised will be “Does it have any branch office?” It proves the authentication of your company. Company can be changed but partner cannot be changed. So, one use to be very choosy in choosing a partner. Especially if you are from north India, you will find these things in common. Regional branch office does matter over there in more or less every region.


Are you working in shift?

Working in shift is a very big problem. That also rotational. But, what to do it`s a need of your company to put some one in shifts. Every week when your shift changes, it disrupts your whole routine as well. Initial relation needs time to build-up. You need to give time to your new partner. But, how is it possible if your mind is not settled. Some times night, some times day and some times early morning. It better you shift your bed from home to office. I am not saying this; this is what your partner will tell you after some time.


Are you living out of your Suitcase?

Who wants to marry a travel bag? I guess; no one. We all like travelling but once or twice a year, not every month or every second week. In case, if your spouse have a travelling profile. You both won`t be able to spend as much time as required. How your family would will get built-up. This is really serious issue. Travelling for work makes you so tired that you don`t want to go with your spouse to the near-by shopping mall even.


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Are all the pages of your Passport been Stamped?

Working on a on-shore project is a good opportunity. You may enjoy your outside for a short term. But, in long term, it`s no more enjoyable. Neither for you nor for your family. Even your spouse cannot adjust with it for a longer duration. I had a friend who uses to stay in Bangalore, alone, for 15 days in every month. Her husband use to be Singapore for 15 days and in India for the rest 15 days of month. It`s not an intelligent decision if you want to start your family life.


Are you a Sales/Marketing guy?

I had been in insurance sector for some period. With that experience, I could tell, the pressure of fulfilling your target is one of the worst pressure one could met. I can`t imagine, what, if you have to roam here and there to accomplish your goal. My deep sympathy is with local on-site traveler. If your life is too much on the road. You need a responsible better half, who can settle down your life at home. Especially, the girl thinks thrice before marrying a marketing guy.


Are you a dedicated Hard Worker?

It’s good be dedicated but before marriage. After marriage, it can prove to be injurious some times. Every day, if you are working beyond 5 O` Clock. Going by 8 a.m. and coming after 8 p.m.; I don`t it could be understood by your spouse. If you are a workaholic then, meet some doctor. Simply, say to yourself, you are not going to get the shares of your company. Or else, get ready for a vocal war every night. The other person may understand your work profile but needs your time and attention too.


Are you working in an unapproachable location?

There are some set of work profile where you don’t see the mainland for ages. Marine Engineers and people working in natural gas and mining industry belong to that lot. It becomes really hard to find a match in the mainstream. There is an increasing trend of people finding a match in their workplace. There are some work environment where you need to shut your mouth and continue working. You don`t get an opportunity to interact with others. There are just heavy machines and production going on. In such a situation, you develop a habit of being silent. It`s not permissible when you are at home. Humans are social animals. We welcome those who want to be socially active. Not the one with a sad face all the time, who seems to be lost in his own world.


Do you get a pay-slip?

This is again a very common seen problem with many of my friends. They are getting a good amount of in-hand salary. The company who is paying them does not generate any pay-slip. They simply transfer the amount in account and all the formal documentation is done later in the financial year. In such a case, what to do when your prospective in-laws asking for your pay-slip. They want to ensure themselves that you worth what you are getting from them. It`s not your fault if the things are not in accountable format. But, next time, when you go in a company asks for it.


Recently, parents of a wannabe bride missed a Unicorn just because he was not having a payslip from his non-existent HR department.


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