Campus Interview Process for Toshiba Embedded Software India


Campus selection semester are really good time to get hired easily, Most students or placement cell not aware about procedure of interview for different companies. Every company have their own process of recruitment, JobLagao provides all information regarding fresher jobs, collage projects and campus interview process of different companies.

About Toshiba
Toshiba Corporation is a multinational corporation headquartered in Japan.Toshiba is a manufacturer and marketer of electrical products, communication instruments etc.Toshiba was founded by the merging of two companies in 1939.Toshiba Embedded Software India is embedded software development centre.It is located in Bangalore.

Eligibility criteria and Salary package

They were short listed top 100 to 150 students for 1st round. Package offered – 4 lpa.

Selection milestones:
There were three rounds of selection:

1. Aptitude + Technical.

Based on following subjects
*C – programming
*Micro controller
*Analog and Digital electronics
*Quantitative aptitude
*Analytical reasoning

2. Technical interview.

Sample Question:
*How good are you in C?*Program on string manipulation, data structures(simple), array functions.
*Static, local and global variables(definitions and differences).
*Questions on system software(SIC,SICXE,bus).
*Questions on microcontroller(types of addressing modes etc)
*Questions on projects.

Sample programs:
*Swapping of an elements of one array to another array using pointers
*Same question without using increment and decrement operators.
*Same question without using any loops.
*Removing an element from linked list.Basic “C” language question

3. HR interview.

Some comman question like:
*Tell me about yourself
*Family background
*Brief description of all semester projects
*Questions about the projects
*Higher studies?
*Why Toshiba?
*Are you fine with years bond, etc.

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