Campus Selection Process in Cosmic Circuits


Company Overview

*Cosmic Circuits is a leading provider of differentiated Analog, Mixed-Signal silicon IP cores and ASICs.
*offering a strong portfolio of 500+ cores in nanometer process nodes of leading foundries.
*By leveraging silicon-proven cores spanning data-converters, wireless, analog, audio, MIPI, power-management, Clocking and Auxiliary functions provide single-stop access to customized IP solutions, bringing certainty in time-to-market with mixed-signal SOCs.
*“Cosmic Circuits is now a part of Cadence Design Systems”.

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Career Prospect

*If you are looking forward to a career in the design of challenging circuits and systems in a result-oriented and technically-challenging work culture, Cosmic Circuits is the place to be.
*At Cosmic, you will rub shoulders with some of the best engineers in the circuit design fraternity, have the opportunity to innovate and develop new circuit designs and concepts, and be exposed to the chip-design & electronic systems industry around the world.

Interview Process

1. First round written technical test, when I wrote it was 15 technical +5 aptitude questions
(No objective type questions)
2. Two technical round interview
3. HR interview

Points to Be Covered

*Please go through in detail of Network Analysis mainly problems on max power theorem, thevnins theorem.
*Analog electronics in detail Ex: diode circuits of clippers(more questions on diode position) and clampers.
*Opamp basic circuits (V to I and I to V converter) is very important
*Programming was not at all asked to me neither in written test nor in tech round.
*Capacitors with ac, dc .
*RC, RL, circuits were asked to some of my ferns. Know about time constant of all these circuits.
*No need of worrying about c or cpp.
*Please give importance for resume. They will mainly ask questions based on skills you mention in your resume

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Important Tips

*At any point of time never tell you want to go for higher studies which they asked me in every round.
*In technical round they will initially start with your paper of first round, they will ask you to resolve the problems by giving some hints.
*Be fast enough to response to hints they will expect that.
*Showcase confidence and eagerness to learn new things will help a lot….

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