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In this section, we will be sharing some tips for writing CV for IT professionals. They can download the sample resume for free and ask us for other sample resume.
You can also publish your resume in this section and directly reach the recruiters

About the author:  The author is an IT professional and has worked in several IT companies .He has successfully changed his job  whenever required . He has good experience in resume writing. He was also involved in hiring activities in his company. He will present you both the facets of resume writing.i.e. what you should write in your resume and what the recruiter looks  in the resume.

I am sharing 10 Tips for resume writing for an  Experienced Professional:

  • You can begin with a brief summary of your profile. Write 4-5 lines about you experience in a nutshell
  • Do not make a verbose resume. Make it crisp and try to summarize everything in 2-3 pages
  • Write about your most recent qualification like B.Tech or MBA. It may not be necessary to add your class 10 or plus two qualification. It’s advisable not to mention your marks if it is not too good otherwise, it will showcase that you had been an average student in your studies and the  recruiter assumes that you may be an average performer in the company too
  • If you have worked at a client location (onsite opportunity), then mention it  in bold as your prospective employer will have confidence in you.
  • Mention about awards which you would have received in your company. It shows that you must have been a high performer.
  • If you have contributed to a technical or any other professional blog then you may share the link if it is interesting. For example. Technical writers may have published their articles in the public domain.
  • If you have a technical blog, where you constantly contribute and post replies then share that link too.Write about the projects in reverse chronological order. If you have more than 4-5 years of experience, then you may have too many projects to write. It’s better to write only about those projects where you had a better role.
  • Insert key words in your resume .Also expand the abbreviation wherever possible. When the placement company searches the database, they use programs which look for keywords and then they send the shortlisted resume to the employer. For example an employer may be looking for a skill set of “i2 Supply Chain Planner”. This skill is commonly known as i2 SCP. If you have not expanded the abbreviation of SCP as “Supply Chain Planner”, there are chances that the recruitment firm may not shortlist your resume.
  • So it’s advisable to write the full form of keywords. In the above example, you will have additional advantage of being shortlisted for keywords like “Supply Chain” and “Supply Chain Planner”. Your resume will be shortlisted for these two set of keywords too. Overall, this increases your chance of being visible to the prospective employer.
  • In the personal details section mention the date of birth explicitly. Do not use MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY format as it confuses the recruiter. Most of the folks in India use DD/MM/YYYY format whereas they use MM/DD/YYYY format in the US. So if you mention 11/9/1980, the recruiter would not know whether it is 11th September  or 9 th November.  So, explicitly mention tha date as 11th September 1980.
  • If you have more than 10 years of experience then it’s advisable to mention about your leadership quality, strategic  vision etc.

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