Farewell email sample sent on last day at work


So, your last day has come in your company and you are wondering what to write. Here are some quick tips.

1) Choose a nice subject line:  You can pick up one from the 5 subject lines below

  • Last working Day in <Mention Company Name>
  • Adieu to my dear colleagues
  • Bidding you Farewell
  • Our Paths will cross Again
  • I am Gonna Leave you

2) Mention the reason why you are leaving the organization. One out of these 10 reasons could be suitable for your scenario

  • Leaving the company for better opportunities or role
  • Relocating to a different country for work
  • Relocating to a different city after marriage or when your spouse moves to another city/country. In India, it’s common for the spouse to move to another country when the better half finds an onsite opportunity
  • Break in career due to Higher Education or Maternity/Paternity break or health reason of self or a family member
  • Trying to establish a startup
  • Taking Active role in Politics
  • Not happy with the current role like 24X7 support and Night Shift work
  • Not Happy with the current Management, Policies and Politics
  • Pursuing Non-Profitable activities like joining and NGO or working for Social Responsibility
  • Trying to pursue a hobby like Film Making, Photography or becoming a radio jockey !!

3) Say thank you to your colleagues: Quote the examples from your project where your colleagues helped you.
Mention about the fun times which you had during team outing. Convey special thanks to people who mentored you and helped you in your learning curve.

4)If you would like to disclose, you can mention about the next opportunity which you will be pursuing. You can write about the new company or the MBA college which you will be joining

5) Remember to give your contact details and your social media profiles so that people can reach out to you. Mention the following:

  • Email address
  • Contact Number
  • Social media profile like Linkedin or Facebook

I am publishing some samples, collected from various sources.

Sample 1: Last Working day in XYZ Inc.

I would like to bid you all farewell as today would be my last day at XYZ Inc. XYZ  being my first company holds a special place for me. I am grateful to have interacted with so many talented people and also got a chance to make some very good friends here who I would cherish for the rest of my life.

I would especially like to thank Saksham for his constant support and guidance.I do believe this world is a small place and our paths will cross again. Needless to say, please stay in touch.

Till then, Adieu !!!Best Wishes,

<Your name>

Sample 2: Startup Internship to Adieu

 I don’t know luck wants it or God, but yes its time and i m leaving quite early. It is just like an internship getting over for me, with a lot of learning which i achieved here. It was a great journey in these two and half months with you all. I was happy to join an early stage startup and  we are growing EXPONENTIALLY which we wanted always. No one will want to leave this startup at this stage, instead anyone will feel honored to join at this stage. I am confident that we will be a big Brand in some days , no matter i will be there in team or not from now, i hope my earlier works will always contribute to the team in every way. Will be in touch always, but will not be able to contribute as a part time also from now onwards, as I want to give my heart and soul to my MBA program.

At last i want to thank my seniors for helping me always  and to my senior colleagues to make me feel a important part of the organization by offering equity options too, but its time. I hope my resignation will never create a void in the team and you will find a replacement soon. Really sorry for that blank bench in the shared office , but don’t worry I will refer another intern.

And nevertheless I still dream of joining you again after my 2 years of Post graduation MBA program, if possible(bcoz i strongly feel that this startup will be a Famous startup till then and will need me less at that time).

Forgive me for if i have hurt you ever by mistake, will respect you all always and forever for all you have done for me. 

Thanks and Regards

Your Early stage employee 🙂

Sample 3: Bidding you Farewell

An awesome one and half years journey of mine is coming to an end today. It is my last day at XYZ Inc.
Joined here as part of ABC’s acquisition and wow! time has just flown by!
So many things I’ll cherish in my memories, so many friends, really good people!
I thank each and everyone of you who made so much positive impact in my life, professionally and personally. 
Thanks you very much!!
It was a hard decision to make but time to explore new opportunities; take new risks; back to startup life 🙂
Feel free to contact me anytime. Hope our paths will cross again.

Sample 4: I am gonna leave you

Friends and colleagues at E-CLONING,

Having been part of XYZ Inc. and the E-CLONING team over the past 4.5  years has been very gratifying, but time has come for me to say goodbye and best of luck to all of you, as June 1st will be my last day at XYZ Inc.. It’s been quite an amazing journey and a rich learning experience, but what I treasure the most are the colleagues I met and the friendships I made while at XYZ Inc., which will certainly endure.

 When I embarked on the Cloning concept with another colleague of mine more than 10 years ago, I could have never imagined how rewarding (but also humbling) our journey would be.  And it was so thanks to our customers, partners but first and foremost, thanks to you and those from the Cloning team who have moved on to other endeavors. Your dedication and contributions over the years helped us establish and grow what was effectively a new market in the cloning world. To all of you, I want to say “Thank you from the heart”  for your great work that led to accelerating progress in our industry and making life a little bit easier for millions of people around the world.

Now, with the Cloning team been an integral part of E-CLONING, I am sure that even greater achievements are ahead of you.  I always believed that migrating the session and subscriber-related features of body parts to the Cloud Cloning platform and expanding them to include service chaining would position Cloud-Cloning as a unique control and provisioning point in our customers’ quest toward cloudifying their requirements.  I’m thrilled that Ben has made this a focal point and I have no doubt that it will pay big dividends in the near future.

E-CLONING is the crown jewel of XYZ Inc., Cloud Cloning is on a roll, and both are direct results of its leader. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege getting to know and work for Ben in the past few years.  I never met a leader who cares so deeply for his people and is so effective at navigating the (internal and external) challenges  to foster growth and success for his team.  You couldn’t hope for a better leader as you forge ahead in the world of software-defined cloning!

I will certainly miss everything about been part of this amazing team, but mostly the people of Cloning and E-CLONING, though I trust we will stay in touch.  My mobile number will remain the same and my personal email is joblagao@gmail.com

Thank you to all of you for 10+ years of extraordinary achievements, experiences, friendships and lessons that made my professional and personal life so incredibly fulfilling.

<Your Name>

Sample 5: Bidding you Farewell

Hello All,
I want to bid farewell to you all and inform you that I am leaving my position at XYZ Inc. Today is my last day at work.I have enjoyed working for this company and I appreciate having had this wonderful opportunity to work with you all.

During these last 5 years you all have provided me support and through your encouragement and guidance I have been able to excel at the projects offered to me. With many of you, I have shared a unique camaraderie which I hope will continue in the years to come even though I shall not be here with the company.

I do wish you and the company every success in all its future endeavors.

Please  do keep in touch with me through any of the below means.

Email: joblagao@gmail.com

FB:  https://www.facebook.com/joblagaao

LinkedIn: https://in.linkedin.com/in/job-lagao-hiring-for-ios-developer-ncr-b9251843

 You may copy any sample email and edit it to suit your requirement. You can share your opinion and leave a comment in this post.

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