Fear of Interviews


What is Fear?

Fear or any kind of anxiety is an emotion, which builds its base upon a thought. The underlying thought is “not able to clear the interview”. If you have this thought even to the slightest extent, the Fear mechanism starts it work and builds upon it.

What finally comes with us to the interview is only Fear and Anxiety. You would not be able to project the right image of yourself.

2.  Purpose of an Interview?

  • The purpose of an interview is to find you a job. This purpose is unique for every individual and varies. The first thing to remember, you do not lose anything by attending an interview. You have to affirm this to yourself. Keeping Fear in the mind would not help in anyway either. With Fear and anxiety, the chances of not clearing the interview is much higher.
  • The second thing, an interview is a platform to project you in front of someone. When you have a negative projection of you within, the other person would also see the same. Affirm to keep a positive image of yourself within.

The lesson learnt is, what is within shows outside.

3. Identify the Fear:

  • Since the purpose of the interview would vary from individual to individual, the fear will also vary. So, set aside a calm few minutes and try to identify the thought that is causing the fear.
  • For example: If there is a thought of a topic that you do not know and it is likely to be asked in the interview. The fear arises because of this thought, “What will I do, if I am asked this on this topic ?”.

Image source: A popular TV program on MTV where the interviewee is grilled during the audition

4. Overcome the Fear:

  • There are two possibilities that you could think of, one if you have enough time before the interview or the interview is arranged at a very short notice.
  • If there is enough time, then make sure to identify the thoughts causing the fear and overcome them one by one.
  • If you are unaware of a topic, seek help by means of people, media, internet etc to gather information on the topic. Be sincere in your efforts to learn.
  • Affirm to yourself that you are learning and knowing on the topic well. Tell to yourself, I am aware of this topic. I have nothing to fear.”
  • This needs to be done for each and every fear you identify.
  • Affirm this as many times as you like, daily till the interview.
  • The second possibility, if the notice is short and you have a lot of fear. Here, you do not have much option to learn or gather knowledge.
  • In this case, affirm to yourself that I am Positive. I will give my best and sincere effort. This interview is a good chance for me to project myself well. I will make use of this opportunity.
  • Do not focus on the Fear or any Negative thoughts in this scenario. It would do more harm than help you to clear the interview.

5. Summary :  Remember and Practice the following:

  • Identify the cause of the Fear
  • Work on the things that could strengthen yourself from the Fear
  • Affirm multiple times a day, with positive affirmations
  • Write and practice  Positive affirmations that suit you and your purpose
  • Always keep a positive image of yourself and project the same to the other person
  • Count you positives and not your negatives




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