Goodbye Adieu Email for Last Day in Office


See the sample Last Day Email which you can send to your colleagues.

Sample 1

Last Day in Office:Last Day Adieu Email to Co-workers

After couple of years of exciting and memorable time with you all, I am bidding adieu today to this company to pursue other career opportunities. Please consider this to be my sincere goodbye to each and every one of you.

I want you all to know that I am truly leaving here with mixed feelings; happy about my new career opportunity, but sad to be leaving such a great company where I have so many wonderful friends and colleagues. I learned a great deal and worked with many people with whom I am sure I will remain friends for a long time. I can only wish that my new job will give me such rewarding experiences and supportive friends.

I’ve worked in two different teams in these years. I want to express my special gratitude towards my all team-mates and my managers for all their encouragement and guidance that helped me able to carry out my projects well and played significant role in grooming myself for my future endeavors.

Thank you all very much for making my time at Yahoo truly enjoyable one. My very best wishes for the future go out to each and every one of you.

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Sample 2   (If you are leaving your first company, where you started your career)

Subject: Last Working Day Today: Thank you

Dear Friends,

It has been a tremendous journey with Accenture for the last 5.5 years.

I started my professional career with Accenture and it has been a great learning and exciting environment. I have enjoyed my tenure here and appreciate having had the opportunity to work with you all.  Thank you for adding some of the most memorable experiences to my life, which I will value and cherish through the rest of my life. I would like to thank my manager, Amit Gupta, and the rest of the JDA i2  team for being supportive and cordial for all these days.

I wish Accenture and the “awesome” people here, all the very best.

Hope our paths cross again!! Adieu!

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