Grow Your Professional Network Via Employee Referral


Clubbing “Professional Network” and “Employee Referral” makes a strong potion for success in your career. You know that Employee Referral is the most sought after alternate for the regular hiring. Most of the IT companies have adapted to the same. It is a proven methodology for hiring in the west (US/Europe). In India, this concept is still catching up. The people in the west are also focused on building a long term relationship rather that Just getting the work done. They are always in the lookout of growing their professional network. These are the advantage and process to grow your Network by engaging in the referral process

1. Referring your seniors: Consider that you are a junior member in your team and you come across some senior level opening in your company for the same skill set. It will be nice if you could share the job on various networking sites or websites specializing in Employee Referral. During the process you will connect with some senior person who might be your college alumni or some experienced person working in the same domain. Even if that person is not looking for a job but you can connect with him/her. You would develop a good professional relationship and this can be encashed when you are looking for a job. Believe me it’s a good way to connect with managers and leaders in the industry

2. Building relationship in your company: If you try to find a suitable candidate for your company through social networking, you will be making good connections in the process within your organization. First and foremost, you can earn some brownie points from your manager if you help in hiring in your team. At the same time you will interact with the HR and Directors in the company during the process. It is better to highlight the fact that you are helping in hiring. Let’s take a case that the HR or your manager/director moves to some other company, they will look out for you when they are growing a team or building a practice. People may not remember you for just adding them in your social network. However if you help them in an organizational process (hiring in this case), you will be remembered long after you are gone (from the company of course:-)

3. Growing network in niche skill: If you are working in niche skill like JDA or SAP Hana, then there would be fewer people working in that domain. Building a network with them would be something like building an exclusive network with your peers. First connect with them casually and follow them. Answer few of the questions which they would have asked in various forum of that niche skill. Now, whenever they are looking for a job change, you can refer them in your company or even in other companies. Remember there referring someone in need of a job is helping for a noble cause. People will always remember you for the good things you did to them. Never mind, if they are not able to get a job but at least referring them would help you when you are in the lookout for a job or want some career advice in that domain

To Summarize, I would say. Keep referring people and your “real” professional network will grow automatically.

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