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In today`s world, we are so busy in our day to-day activities, that we hardly spare some time for our physical fitness. Physical fitness is not just related with our physical body. It leaves a direct impact on our soul and mind; which is evident in our work. If you are physically fit; it’s natural that you will be having more stamina than others.  You will be able to handle stress or work pressure more efficiently than others. Your energy level will be high and so on.

It’s high time to ask yourself, do you give as much time on your physical fitness as you give on your physical appearance?  The answer is a clear “NO”. Well, exceptions are always there but we are talking about majority here. We don`t BOTHER to go in GYMS but at the same time, we don`t FORGET to go in SPA`s and Beauty Salons. Don`t forget -“A healthy body is always better than a polished face.”

But, in today`s generation, we are so busy in our 9-8 pm office hours, that we do not get enough time to do any meditation, power yoga or any other exercise. Every four out of five working class people go outside for having lunch and dinner. There are plenty of mouth-watering options available too. But, what about the stomach? What about its healthy requirement? I am not telling you to follow a health chart prescribed by your physician; as you are not a patient of course. But, at least you should maintain yourself by some healthy eating habits, which are not very fussy.  For this, you can go through our article – “Ten Healthy Snack items which you can carry at Work.”

Now, Let`s have a look on the cost which one has to bear while taking care of one`s health:

  • Minimum half an hour and maximum up to two hours from your daily routine – I am sure, you can manage this time if you decrease your – hours of sleep, watching television, surfing social networking sites, etc. Even if you are sparing half an hour of your time in doing some simple exercises at home, it will keep you fresh and energetic for the whole day. Try it for a week, Atfirst.
  • Inculcate some physical work – As you must have heard somewhere, “To get something, you have to loose something.” Here, you have to loose or I can say “SACRIFICE YOUR COMFORT”. Use Stairs after coming from lunch instead of lifts. Try to take a brisk walk in between your work. Try to reach home by walking if it is nearby from your office.
  • Carry your lunch – As you don`t forget to carry your mobile phones, don`t forget to carry your lunch as well. It`s not just about one day or a week, it`s about every day. Every day you can`t rely on outside food. If you cannot prepare it on your own, you can take help of a cook; or, you can have some ready to eat cereals, oats, muesli and fruits as well.
  • Drink lots of water – It helps you in many ways. Many people don`t drink much water while in office because they feel shy in going towards the washroom often. But, this excuse is totally an unacceptable one when it comes to your health. Drinking less water means inviting more problems. Try to keep your bottle at your desk always. Have plenty of water in between long hours of work.
  • Join some health care centre – Even if you don`t get time on week days, you can join some health care programs or fitness centre on weekends. Try to follow the directions given there, on the rest of the days of the week as well. It will lead you to the path of your fitness. Remember, “A fit and healthy body leads to a sound mind 

After bearing this much cost, what are the benefits you are getting? Let`s have a look:

  • Increased efficiency at work as a result of increase in stamina.
  • Able to handle work pressure more efficiently as your body and mind is in a good state.
  • Deliver your duties on time as you are no more a lethargic human.
  • Less number of sick leaves as your immune power is stronger now.
  • You will find yourself enjoying at work.

So, isn`t it beneficial to have a fit body. Is it so difficult? We pay so much attention on our dress and looks before leaving for work but can`t we spare some time for our physical fitness? If your body will be happy inside, it will be evident outside and thus you will look attractive as well. Face is also a part of our body. We spend thousands of rupees every month on our physical appearance. Can`t we spend some time on our physical fitness as well? Ask Yourself! and decide.

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