How to make the best use of your notice period?


The word “notice period” usually terrorizes the employees who are looking forward to the new job in a new company or waiting for an exciting study period. People leave job or the company for two main reasons. Either they leave by their choice or not by their own choice. People either get a good job in some other company, go for higher education, becoming an entrepreneur, take a long leave for soul searching or on a negative side they are being shown doors by the company for their incompetence and poor performance. There can be several reasons which can be either positive or negative. But the common factor is serving the much required notice period issued by the company. Today, the companies who do not serve notice period to outgoing employees will be very few.

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It is never easy for any employee to serve the notice period with ease. The attitude of the colleagues and boss changes instantaneously and people start to show cold shoulders. This happens irrespective of the fact whether you are leaving the company by your own choice or the company has decided to close its door on you. The employee suddenly finds himself in an overwhelming situation where he is free from his duties and responsibilities which is entirely not true. Instead of properly serving the notice period, most of the employees in the given situation tend to neglect their duties and spend time in planning about their new job and company. This period is very cumbersome. One never really knows what to do and will probably will not feel like doing anything even if they knew. They undergo boredom and restlessness as they no longer feel committed to the company and it hampers their performance in the remaining period. The given situation leaves a very bad impression on the company and colleagues. And, nobody wishes to leave their company with their head lying low. Hence, every employee serving notice period must show thorough professionalism during their last days. They must always remember that every company does a background check before hiring and such an attitude may create problems in landing a good job in future. Also, the much needed reference from the boss and colleague will be difficult to have.

The concept of serving notice period has been started for specific reasons. It gives the company some time to find a suitable replacement. Employee on the other hand is required to complete his pending works before leaving and gradually hand over the responsibility to his replacement, smoothly complete the knowledge transfer and hand over the necessary documents, mails and training manuals. It is difficult but impossible to serve the notice period honestly. One must plan the various works to be done to remain focused. To keep one motivated, spend some time in figuring out what is in store for you if you remain focused. One should make a list of all the pending and incomplete work which is to be finished before the final day arrives. Meeting with the boss and seeking guidance regarding the course of action to be taken and prioritizing various tasks for completion is a very good idea. It will help in creating a good image in the eyes of the company and at the same time no one can blame for something remaining unfinished. Most of the company gives more value to the employees who are known for finishing a project. Spend time in conducting knowledge transfer and familiarizing the new member on board with necessities of the project; training him and providing expert guidance to take over your responsibilities with ease. You will not want the employee to bad mouth you for leaving them midway.

Spend your time to take up work that challenges you or things which you did not do due to high risk involved, as there will not be much in store for you to put you at high risk. Keep yourself busy to keep any distraction away. Quite often the colleagues become the major distraction in doing your work honestly. Never question your decision to leave the company during notice period. It will lead to confusion and discontent. Use your time to collect necessary contacts and information which you might need in future, such as information on projects for future reference, provided you are not infringing upon the confidentiality of the company. Start collecting relevant mails regarding recognition you achieved for the work done in the company. Keep meeting the HR to see the necessary approvals are being given on time. Mend ways with colleagues and seniors with you had not so good relation in the company and get rid of all the grudges if there is against anyone. These things are necessary as you are never sure that someday in future you might get to work again with some of them. This is a very small and well connected world. And the last advice is to have a good and fun filled time and keep the mood in the office very light. It will help in preparing yourself to leave the company with a happy heart and head held high.


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