How to Refuse Job offer Letter


Rejection is a part of our lives, and in the corporate field, it is either you, who is rejected by the company or a company, whom you reject to join, which in simple terms knownas “Refusal”. There are many ups and downs in our lives; there will be situations when we are at an acme and sometimes, there will surely be a situation where we are deep down into the girth. But, the only key to a successful and a happy life is to maintain that modesty when you have everything and have hope and faith in ourselves when we have nothing. Many a time we have read articles on how to boost ourselves up or some of those inspirational phrases and quotes which might help when we are down or upset. But, today, unlike those goody-goody articles, we are going to discuss the flip side of the coin. Let us start.

What if you get an extraordinary job offer from a multinational company and a package, touching the skies? Sounds Crazy. Right? But, twist is not yet here. The climax of the story is that you can’t accept this job offer due to some reason which may vary from your personal preferences to availability of any other better offers to your interest in some other career tracks to maybe your higher studies plan. “What will you do” will be a wrong question here; the correct questionnaire would be “How will do that”?

In this article we will see some of the real time experiences and some various other facets of life which will show that how we can refuse a job offer letter without being a moron.

Let me first share an example of a young boy named Ajay. Before this incident, which I will discuss in the later lines, he was really a young boy, but, later his place rose from being young to being a Veteran. And, the small happening that changed this stature is his “Refusal letter” sent to ABC Corp. Ajay got an offer from this company in the last year of his graduation, but he had high aims. He didn’t want to stop there; he got admission in one of the finest universities of the world for post-graduation in Computer science. He would have been like a normal milieu if he had not dropped the mail that evening to the HR of ABC Corp. Though, it didn’t even matter to him, he would have gone even without informing those people, but, no, and that has made all the difference. He didn’t lose his modesty in the time of his successful over reach. He remained right on the ground and from deep inside his heart, he thanked the company for giving him such an opportunity in such an  early phase of his life and showed courtesy to them for their trust in him. He sincerely apologized for not joining the company and discussed with them the exact reasons for the same. 

This is one such incident which signifies how important a content of a refusalletter is and how integral it is to write one.

Furthermore, in accordance with the aforementioned incident, a refusal letter is an important ingredient in a successful person’s life. It shows how concerned and modest the person is. But, apart from only delivering the letter, it is very prominent that what all words you use while writing the same. So, there are two major points that we must keep in mind while delivering a refusal letter.

1.      Use only kind and thanking words

Be grateful to the organization which offered you a position in their venture and try to be obliged to their efforts, time and money that they spent on your selection process. The refusal letter must contain words of gratitude, generosity and extol for the employer.

2.      A valid reason

The reason for your refusal must be very candid clear. May or may not be it the very exact reason for which you are refusing, but at least it should be near to your valid point.

In addition to that, it is very important to choose right words in the letter. The letter must contain affirmative words and words of appreciation rather than any kind of pride or boldness.

Apart from these points, it is very important to realize the essence of this activity. We write refusal letter because at that moment we have to reject that option, but, we don’t know what will happen in future. May be you have to work with the same organization after some period of time, so, it is always better to have a friendly relation with everyone., Thus, just leaving the offer like that without any prior information will surely not affect your current job or your current course of action but it may affect in future if you wish to join that company.


Thus, these are some of the points which we must keep in mind while writing a refusal letter to a job offer. Hope it will help you guys, the next time when you have to refuse for a offer made to you. 

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