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Punctuality is a matter of show. You can be punctual by arriving 5 to 15 minutes early for the interview. Tell them by this how punctual you were with your pervious job.Don’t be late for an interview or when it comes to meeting people. Try to be extremely punctual, because even a few minutes delay can offend.

First Impression is a last Impression:

Enter the hall with a positive smile.A perfect picture art tells thousands of words and so does your appearance matters. Tie yourself with a perfect dress code. Try to speak with both your languages “Body & English”. Show the interest towards the position for which u can be hired.

Don’t Let Down Your Pervious Work and Company:

No matter how low the work or the company was. Some time it amaze us by the number of fresher’s telling that they have never worked before and have no idea about whatever position they have applied for, well, it’s not true. Obviously Through growing age students might just not have done babysitting or being camp counselor. Be cool enough to tell whatever you have worked on or with any company you have worked with. Don’t low cast your image infornt of interviewer.


Avoid pep-paring with “Umm” “Aaaa” & “Like”. Give a pause whenever you’reempty with your words or stuck in b/w. Best way to get reed of this would be practicing interview with family and friends. Try to communicate effectively, concentrate on the words you use and speak. If these kinds of words occur twice in your minute of talk please modify your habit.

Eye Contact:

It is very important that you connect with your interviewer, when your asked with a question don’t look to the walls or stair besides try to have a good eye contact to communicate.

Carry yourself with good memory:

To keep a good memory along can make your interview easy.Don’t think small every time, come out of your comfort zone try to think big. Don’t have a lack of hard skills try preparing you.Get engage with meaningful and purposeful activities so that it can help you with refreshing your mind and skills.

Be Yourself:

Always try to be yourself, express whoever you are, have faith and trust yourself, don’t search and look for a successful personality and copy them. For being yourself is something the greatest accomplishment done by you in your success line. Always try come across Better self for yourself. Don’t be afraid of being different; put yourself differently so that it doesn’t look your duplicating others.

Show off with your Enthusiasm:

Research the company details in complete then walk down for the interview. Employees mostly look lack of enthusiasm towards their work and experience.You can give a smile throughout your interview this maybe a good sign 1st. You can tell them that it’s easy for you to invest in developing the skills of your profession. You are going to work harder and Turn up with good status of work to the company. You’re the easiest person to work with, and have a capability to become a productive team Leader.Ask intelligently questions about the problems with the company can keep on table every week to work on. Ignore your negative talk b/w the interview conversation. Don’t bother about the things which you can’t change.

Project Confidence:

Be well prepared on your project details. Put your strength on the project whatever you have worked on. Check at your body language before presenting your project. Get a good practice, avoid the annoying things during your presentation eg: touching your hair, scratching your neck, hands etc.. You need not have messy lines to speak use a language which can be understood easily.

Ask Question:

When you’re into your Final round Ask questions to the interviewer at this point try to prove him/her why they should hire you!! Question can be related to Organization, job task, help desk provided by them Etc. Questions can also be asked including social media sites usage, and open desk work provided for targets and etc.

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