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Finally, you have resigned and getting relieved soon!

As a gesture of good team work and professional ethics, an Email is sent out on the last day of work at the office, to your colleagues, team members and all the people whom you have worked with.

Underlying Purpose of the Email

The purpose of the last day email, is to thank everyone for supporting you through the journey in the company. Every person who works in an organization undoubtedly gets a lot of support both socially and professionally. To express the gratitude to all the people who have helped you in the time of need, these people do deserve a small “thank you” note from you.

When do you send it out

Send out the email, when all your relieving formalities are about to complete and your Email is still not deactivated. All your “no dues”, approvals, paperwork should be over. When you send out this email, you would be getting calls, emails and also people will approach you personally to greet you. You should allocate time for all this. So, plan your timing well. You may also want to go out for a short get together.


• Do not include the entire organization in the Email. Only include the teams, people, groups you have worked with.

• Do not use a format from a website or any material that is not your own creativity.

• Do not write an essay, make it short and meaningful.

• Do not apologize for anything or make sympathetic statements.


• Make sure it is a happy and encouraging email.

• Pleasantly inform that you are leaving the company for pursuing other opportunities.

• Start with a short note on your tenure at your company and some details on it.

• Thank all the people and teams that have helped you at various capacities.

• You could also include specific names if you would like to.

• Wish everyone good luck.

• Give your contact details, phone or email.

Sample :

SUBJECT : My Last Day at <ABCD >


I am very much happy to share my thoughts on my last day here in office.

I am pursuing other opportunities in IT and travelling to New Delhi for the same and will share the details of my new assignment in a couple of weeks.

Having spent 5 years in this company, I have had the opportunity to interact with all of you in a personal and professional capacity. I cannot leave without thanking you heartily for the warmth and timely support you have extended to me during my tenure.

I would want to specially thank <  >,<  >, < > for their immense help and guidance. I have been able to grow into a good professional due to their mentorship.

I thank you all once again and wish you very good luck in your pursuits.

Will definitely keep in touch and please feel free to reach out to me. My contact details are:

Email :

Phone :

Best Regards

<Your Name>

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