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We always say that without friends, our life is incomplete. But, I always wonder that what is this basic definition of being a Friend? Whom do you classify as your friend? Is there any particular set of criteria which a person should follow to qualify as your friend and only if they have passed the test that they deserve the respect and love which is there in your hearts. Well, some people do go through this kind of concept and they broadly classify people in their lives as friends, family, colleagues, mates and what not. And every group is treated differently. But, you know what, maybe we have different priorities for every set of people who we have in our lives but it would be much simpler if we start considering everyone as equal as a friend. It would eliminate our labor of categorizing our emotions. It would then be almost similar in every kind of situation. Well, I know this is quite towards impossibility, but at least we can try to attain this.


Do give the aforementioned para a thought.


Moving forward and quite in line with the above phrases, I would like to introduce to you this article where we will discuss about our corporate life and thus, our corporate friends whom we prefer to call as “colleagues”.

Well, this is a highly competitive environment and everyone is racing and trying to get ahead of one another. And, thus, most of us share a not-so-good relation with our so called colleagues. But, just linger on this point and think that don’t you accept this fact that your 10 hours of a day is spent with these people only? And, will you not likea healthy relation with people with whom you are spending 40 percent of your day? Surely. Well, more or less, the point which I want to convey here is that “Consider your colleagues as friends and life would be much simpler.”


Furthermore, there are possibilities that you share quite a sour relation with few of them, which is no wonder very common these days, but never take it personally. Leave your office in the office itself and try to bond with the soul of the person which doesn’t depend on the office strugglesand politics. Respect the person’s soul and try to be bonded with person as a normal individual.

Giving you a situation here, you are about to leave your current job and you have a mixed kind of relationships with your colleagues. Now, there are two possibilities, first, you just leave without informing anyone, just collect all your belongings one fine evening and never show up. But, there is a second alternative and it sounds much convincing. The second way is that you drop an email to all your team members and colleagues informing about your farewell and have a small get together so that you can leave with a sweet note of gratitude and intimacy.


Now, the first question that would come to your mind is, what should we write in that last email which we are going to drop in the email box of our colleagues?

Well, there is no such format like a formal email standards which you follow to interact with your users or clients. This email will be much like a piece of letter delivered professionally. It should contain all the relevant details of your leaving the job, when and at what time, so that everyone has enough time to bid you good bye. Also, if you wish, you can share your new employer details. In addition to that, your email must contain words of appreciation for their support andcooperativeness. It should be more like a thanksgiving card which you give to your loved ones where you show your genuine gratitude towards their efforts and attempts. Thus, as for the content of the mail it should be short and well quoted.

Now, you will ask why this isnecessary.Does anyone really care in this fast moving world about us leaving the job? Is not that we will be replaced by some other “resource” and then we would be forgotten just the next day of the replacement? Well, I am pretty sure that you are right, absolutely right, but, have you ever wondered about the “cycle of life”? Is not life also plays the same game?  People come in your life, play a significant role, some stay forever but some just leave. Will this mean that you don’t even care about them? No. Right?


Surely they had some or the other impact on your life and may be they are leaving; at least you have their memories with you. In the similar fashion, when you are leaving, even though you might not be remembered forever by all the colleagues, but, may be some or the other time they might remember you and more of all, it is not about what they think of you or whether they remember you after you are gone, it is more about you and your happiness which you got working there and leaving with a pleasant note. Adding to the above facts, one more thing I would like to add is that writing an email may be avery small act but it affects a lot. It would make you keep in the contact list of all the office people and surely, they have you and you will have them whenever the need be .Amen.

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