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Accenture, which proudly claims “High Performance.Delivered” through high end consulting, Technology and BPO, is finding it tough to rate the high performers. Few weeks back, Pierre Nanterme said that the performance is much more fluid. But the employees are skeptical about it. Only time will test the efficacy of the new system, once the process is rolled out. A lot has been written about the new process of appraisal but the employees are a bit confused whether the new rating system will benefit them or not. The HR are trying to explain the details in a phased manner.

The appraisal process may improve as given below

1) Formal 30-30:

The supervisor will be asked to connect  with their subordinates  for a mandatory 30-30 session. There would be a one to one session for 30 minutes, recurring after every 30 days. So, it will be a monthly review, so you will know on time that you need improvement. You don’t need to wait for mid-year appraisal for your manager to let you know that you are not doing well.

2) Avoid falling down the normal curve:

In the previous rating system, even if you did well, you could still fall under the bracket of CCPG as the moderation was based on normal curve. Some employee felt it was a draconian system.

3) Avoid 100% Supervisor’s control:

Some employee felt that the Supervisor had too much control on their career and rating. This will no longer be the case as if you are getting multiple feedback from different projects you can build good data points based on the feedback

4) LCA might change:

Your LCA (Lead Contribution Areas) might change now. Earlier the employees were rated on the areas like Project deliverables, organizational growth etc. Your goals were also aligned to your leadership goals. Now, this will be mostly about you, your work  in the new appraisal system.

5) Unlucky Project roll off:

As of today , the most unlucky resources were the one who worked hard on a project but were rolled off during appraisal time. The current project would give them average rating as they had to make others happy who are continuing in the project.  The supervisor who is doing the rating would not know what that their high performer has done. The new appraisal process claims to address these issues.

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People still need clarity on the 3 points given below

1)Hot Skill:

What happens if you get hot skill bonus for your expertise in a niche area. However you work on a project where your skill is not utilized and you work on something generic like PL/SQL or Java. Will your HSB (Hot Skill Eligibility) decrease based on your rating in CAMS?

2) ITP- Bench:

Accenture is one of the coolest companies which promotes people even who are on ITP (Internal Talent Pool), commonly called Bench. Normally the folks on ITP are rated based on their contribution to some tasks, helping in hiring, attending training etc. Will the process change once the new system is implemented? Will it impact the ITP folks adversely?

3) Appraisal of Women Employees:

Accenture is known for giving preference to it’s Women workforce to improve diversity across all stages of career. They have a quota for promotion of female employees. Will this remain the same once the new appraisal system is in place.

To Summarize ,

Give your High Performance, a good rating will be automatically Delivered.


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