Online Aptitude Test – Is it worth the efforts and time


Online Aptitude Test: Is it worth the efforts and time?


Career aptitude tests are increasingly becoming the preferred way for recruiters to gauge the viability of the candidates for a position. In addition, these tests also provide the candidates means to have a third person view of their strengths and weaknesses and work on improving them, if required.  

Intelligence Quotient is a score derived from a series of tests designed to analyze the intelligence of an individual. This magical number is supposedly the reflection of your intelligence and therefore much is made of an individual’s IQ in the HR industry. Obviously everyone wants the most intelligent and adroit employees to work for them and therefore, a greater number of companies are resorting to the various online aptitude tests to get the crème la de crème of the talent out there.  The best thing about IQ testing is that these tests paint a very accurate picture of the individual’s behavior. Behavioral Scientists can use this data to study how different groups of people learn and assimilate information. From recruiter’s perspective, this information is quite important as it helps them the functional aspects of the prospective employee and how well it goes with the existing work culture of the company.      

During the past decade, IQ Testing has become a pervasive tool for companies to allocate job responsibilities. The online aptitude tests can be either general having questions on quantitative aptitude, language & reasoning or industry-specific containing questions related to that industry in addition to the usual fare.   The former of the two mainly judges the IQ of the individual while the latter provides a tunnel view of the individual’s ability to perform that particular job efficiently. For instance, an IT company might require you to take a test in a computer programming to gauge your coding skills.


Are aptitude tests worth the try?

A few weeks or months into the job and you are already feeling like you are doing something that your heart isn’t into. Job mismatch is one of the top reasons of employees leaving their jobs resulting in wastage of precious time and resources of the employer as well as the employee. Aptitude tests online offer useful insights into an individual’s personal goals, preferences, working style and interpersonal skills based on which the recruiter can judge whether the candidate’s personality suits the job, and hiring accordingly saving themselves from future agony of reconsidering the decision.  Candidates also get a fair idea about their limitations and strengths based on which they can steer their career in the right direction. These aptitude tests might not be hundred percent accurate but are definitely of great help in ensuring a better suited career path.

Another benefit of online IQ test that you are saved from the hassles of going to the test center and taking the pen and paper based test. You can take these tests from the comforts of your home or any other place, all you will require is a working internet connection and a computer. The results are made available almost instantly or within 24 hours, delivered to your mail box with all the improvement areas that you can work upon to better the score. Therefore, online IQ tests or aptitude test is an important tool to help make better career choices.


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