Out Of Office Email Sample


What is OOO?

OOO stands for Out of Office. In IT enabled companies, whenever you go on vacation you  send out an  of office email so that people mailing you get automatic notification that you will not be able to reply to their emails. These are the following step how you can set up OOO in outlook.

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Step 1: Go to File>>Info

Step 2: Click on Automatic Replies


Step 3:  Select the radio button of “Send automatic replies”

Step 4:  Select the time range

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Step 5: Click OK. If you also want to send it outside the organization, you can click on the tab of Outside My organization and select the checkbox to send it.

You can use the following samples:

Sample 1: Thank you for your mail. I will be on Vacation from 1st Jan and returning on 5th Jan. Please expect delay in my response.

Sample 2:

Dear Sender,

My laptop has crashed and the Infrastructure  team is working on the same. Please expect a delay in my response. If it is urgent please give me a call on my cell @ 8867269342.



Sample 3:

I will be out of office from 4th March to the 10th of  March. Replies to your email might get delayed For project related acitivity, please reach out to Sameep<sameep@tridentindia.com>. You can call or text me on +91 8867269342



And now comes the funny OOO emails

Funny sample 1: I just had an accident. Let me recover. Will you please stop sending emails otherwise my mailbox will be full and I will not be able to receive any deals and free coupon’s from e-commerce websites.

Funny Sample 2:You should find yourself honored and privileged to have received a reply from me

Had I been in office, chances are that I would have never replied you J

Funny Sample 3: For SE/SSE, wait for me to come back from vacation. Manager and above can call on my cellphone number given below.

Your Sincere,

Team Lead

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