Sample Resume and CV writing tips for Freshers


Sample Resume and CV writing tips  for Freshers:

If you are searching  for sample resumes to apply in IT companies in India, you have come to the right place. I am sharing few tips for CV writing.

CURRICULUM VITAE means  “A summary of your academic and work history”

Let me share some tips for writing a resume for freshers . If you are applying for campus placement, then use the same format of resume which is used by everyone else in the college. It could have your college logo and a standard format. Most likely the recruiter would not have seen your resume prior to coming to your campus.If you are attending an off campus walk-in session, then too the HR would collect the resume at the venue and give it to the recruiter

You can use the following Tips :

  • Mention your name, contact number and email id, marks and area of interest on the first page.
  • Mention educational qualification in the reverse chronological order. If you have not completed
  • your current qualification then you can mention up to the current semester. For example 8.7 CGPA (up to 7th Semester)
  • Use a simple email id which should be a combination of the first name , last name or initials. The email id should reflect professionalism. Do not use email ids like However you can be creative.For example you may use  . The prefix of  ‘www’ would make your email id unique and most likely the recruiter would never forget this email id.
  •  The second page could have project related details which you would have done as a part of your curriculum
  • This is the most important section as the recruiter would judge you on your technical abilities on this topic. So Mention in brief detail about the project which you have done.Make sure that you thoroughly know about the project.
  • If you are applying for an IT company, do not mention the common projects like  Hotel Management System. By now, the recruiter would have seen this project in more than 100 resumes. It would be really nice if you can make some app or a simple search engine/crawlers . The project could be designing a simple website and getting the RSS feeds from a blog and displaying the contents on your website. All I want to say is that follow the trend and make a project which is relevant in the current scenario.
  • If you have live industry experience, it’s advisable to mention about the project details. You will also have an edge over other freshers as you will be considered as a fresher with experience.
  • Mention your personal details on the third page
  • You may write your hobby. Your hobby helps the recruiter to break the ice and start a conversation. The discussion can be interesting if the recruiter also has a similar hobby
  • Write about your achievements and awards and your participation in co-curricular activities as it will showcase that you are an active person ready to take challenges  apart from your routine work.
  • To summarize, your resume should reflect your skills and strength. The joblagao team wishes you good luck in your entry into professional life.
  • You can download the sample resume free of cost from this link    >> Sample Resume Fresher With Internship***************

    I am attaching some active resume of freshers.

    ANKIT_RESUME  (BE, telecom Engineering fresher from KLESCET, Belgaum , University: VTU, Belgaum)

    Atul Singh  ( BE Computer Science fresher from KLESCET, Belgaum , University: VTU, Belgaum)

    Kaveri M (BE in Information science & Engg from VTU Bagalkot)

    Kundan (BE Computer Science from KC college of Engg, & IT, Punjab)

    Pooja Srivastava (MCA from G.B.T.U. Lucknow University)

    Ram_Singh ( BE Computer Science fresher from S.I.E.T. Meerut)

    SHIBHA_Gupta ((B.Tech ECE from Dronacharya College of Engineering, Greater Noida, U.P.)

    Vinita Ojha (B Tech/MBA fresher with internship experience)

    The recruiter can download the above  resumes for free and contact the candidate.

    If you are a fresher and want your resume to appear in this section , then send your resume to  . Mention “Publish for free” in the subject line. Once we upload your resume, we will share the url with you.It will be visible on this page and you can share this url with the recruiter. When you are sending an email or chatting with the recruiter, you can directly send the url.
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