Smart Work V/S Hard Work


Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things. The Letter “S” Can even stand for shortcut so working smart is even the shortcut of success. Similarly if your talent doesn’t beat your hard work sometimes but hard work can beat your talent. But the only common word in both is the word WORK.

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These days when only hard work could get you somewhere in life, Corporate are looking for people who work diligently, in a smart way. Hard work may help you to complete your tasks but you may not be able to do so efficiently, and that’s where smart work comes into play. When we work smart, we not only complete our tasks but ensure that time is utilized properly, and the work is better quality too. Sometimes, we may see smart workers getting better grades and position than hard workers and this is because smart workers know how to prioritize their both work and their time efficiently. Many people have the misconception that the more number of hours they put into their work, the better and efficient work bring them success. Well this is not true. Even if we are putting less effort and working in a planned step by step in a smart way we can save our time and complete our success in a better way. Work is something which can bring satisfaction in our life in terms of earning money which can fulfill our needs and desires etc..

Smart work is effective than hard work!!

With hard work, you can complete your tasks, but that won’t ensure that the completed task is unique and worth appreciating or recognition. For example: A student may study for 6 hours but if he/she doesn’t know how to interpret the answer on his exam sheet then it’s of no use expecting good results. And even when you work hard, you remain focused on the work you are doing and that results in developing wrong eating habits, unexpected weakness and lots of stress.

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The will to achieve based upon a desire is a concept of hard work, Although stress can build but working without a will is useless and worthless energy. Smart work is where the person is working and enjoying his work comfortably, it gives him mental peace and creates self-confidence in him.

Few Smart Points:

  1. Prepare a list the things which should be done: Before you engage into something, remember that enthusiasm needs to be tempered with calmness. Look at every aspect of your goals, and allow yourself with some time so that you can be sure that every detail is accomplished on time and accurately.
  2. Have a rough figure: Whether is in your head or in paper, you should have a checklist in mind and follow it in order. So that you don’t repeat steps, and make others work also twice and give them trouble. Always following the plan and list can help you to finish task on time and easily.
  3. Avoid Over Confidence: Avoid over scheduling the work and being realistic about your work that you can accomplish everything at once and in a single day. Sometimes you just have to cut off yourself because the most of professions something is left out which should be done later. Stop yourself at a point where things are to be completing soon and have a look back to things which you have done. Every time don’t push yourself in each and everything because you are not a genius or you may not have a solution for every problem or work.
  4. Shortlist your goals: Try to ignore multi-tasking because you often get less done things since your brain is switching back and you lack concentration between tasks. Pick one thing to work on and give your best effort on that until it is accomplished completely and perfectly. Startup should have a limit of goals so that things should act effectively so that it creates a positive response from in and around.
  5. Team up: Have a good team to work with. The team effort and enthusiasms among all can give a best result for your success and goals. Have team with their own passion and give their work according to that. Don’t regret on your decisions, things happen for good only taking their own time.
  6. Promise: Fulfill all your promises made for yourself and towards team. Show gratitude to your team once you are done with your job or task by taking help from them. We may not feel like approaching a senior person but showing respect and working along can lead to longer way in the business world. Praise them equally, after your success it can help you to grow your personality as well as self-respect.

To summarize smartly, I would say

Work hard but in a smart way

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