Things To Prepare Before Job Interview


First you should feel happy and congratulate yourself for getting an interview call. Second, start preparing yourself for the interview a day before. It is one of the most intimidating forms of communication and making an impression- your very first impression on the company. It’s competitive and stressful and to overcome the stress you need to prepared, thoroughly. The preparation you do before will pay you off later.

Few tips for preparing yourself

#1: Know yourself:

Sit down and take your time to figure out about yourself. Know your strengths, weaknesses, success, failure, what you aspire, what you don’t want, your likes and dislikes and your hobbies. It’s very important to know about yourself because your interests and achievements gives away a lot and will give the panel the idea about you and your need in the company. Choose your words wisely and be confident about yourself.

#2: Know about the company:

It is important to know about the company you are going for the interview. It will give you the idea about what the company is all about and how it works. Knowing the company’s background and ethics will help you prepare yourself more according to the company’s ethics and expectations. Check their websites, social medias, and research about them. Also, look for the recent activities done by the company. The more you know about them, the more you will be able to communicate with them and question them during your interview.

#3: Job Description:

Know about the job you’ve applied for and have been called for. Read carefully about the job you will be interviewing for and know well about you wish to do.  Look at the skills required and check your eligibility and also look for the technical terms that you don’t know about.

#4: Review your Resume:

Know what is there in your resume and be true about what you write. Keep your resume updated. Review your resume from the interviewer’s point of view and prepare yourself with the job questions. Also compare your work experiences with the job description.

#5: Rehearsals:

Obviously you don’t know what will happen inside that panel room. But you sure have the idea about the questions interviewers can ask. Write down the insightful and witty thoughts about the job and the company. Describe your past accomplishments and responsibilities and be truthful about it. Because if it’s true, then will be for your benefit. Rehearse it with your friends and family members.

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#6: Arrange the documents:

Don’t wait for the sun to rise and then arrange for the required documents. Together with your resume, arrange all the required and necessary documents you will need in that room, one day before itself. Keep extra copies of your resume. And carry a pen and a writing pad, just in case.

#7: Dress and coif:

You will only get 5-15 minutes to make your impression. And not just the way you interact but the way you look and dress will also add to the points of you getting selected. Be dressed in nice, simple, pastel formal suits. Don’t dress like you are going for a party. Say no to bright, eye hurting colors and don’t dress shabby. Wear a clean, ironed formal. Also take care of your hair. Look like a human, who is passionate and not like a hipster.

#8: Sleep well:

You have prepared yourself well enough. It’s going to be an exciting night, but don’t forget to sleep because of the excitement. Don’t get stressed or nervous. Be confident in what you’ve prepared and give yourself rest. Sleep is very important for you, as proper sleep will not only make you look fresh and morning ready, but also keep your mind refresh and ready to work. An active and fresh mind is a key to better communication.

Now you’re prepared. Now, the next step is to go out there and let them know why you are worth to be a part of the company and you can help in the progress.

Be confident, honest and polite and you’re hired!

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