Various Formalities to Complete Before Leaving The Company in IT Industry


It is never easy to leave a company where you have spent considerable time due to the emotional attachment that develops with the company and its people. But people change companies for better growth opportunities with other companies. Only if any employee has gone through bad experiences, he will be desperate and happy to leave the company as soon as possible. Leaving a company involves various paper works and getting approvals to clear off the employee from any obligation towards the company. The leaving formalities are very often simple for small companies but it becomes a daunting task if the company is big especially in IT industry. Although, most of the formalities are being performed online in the IT companies, the number of formalities increases quite considerably there.

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The employee is supposed to tender their resignation letter either through email or written or on paper to his respective manager and HR personnel. But many companies insist on hand written resignation letter for its authenticity. The resignation letter should contain all personal details such as employee name and ID, manager name and ID, date of resignation, reason for resignation, last working day and signature of the employee. The employee is required to initiate the online resignation process. The online final settlement form has to be duly signed off by the various departments and support teams in the e-exit tool. The employee should not wait for the concerned person to sign off the form till the last day. He must use the notice period to visit various department heads for getting the clearance as soon as possible. In case the employee keeps waiting till the last date and the concerned person is either on leave or very busy, then the complete exit process will get stuck.  It is also very important to update your personal information and contact details as the companies send the relieving letter, experience certificate and copy of the final settlement to the correspondence address provided after the final settlement which takes 30 days in almost every company.

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The employee is also required to complete the online exit interview questionnaire before the last day. They must also schedule face to face interview with the HR manager on the last day before leaving. In case the HR manager is not available on the last day, the same can also be conducted few days before.

The employee should get all the pending claims to get settled within the notice period by requesting the manager to expedite the whole process. The clearance from the finance department must be given priority as it involves a lot of clearances. Companies provide travel allowance, advance and foreign exchange to the employees travelling abroad and work in company sites in various foreign countries. All the travelling bills, advance and foreign exchange settlements which are pending must be settled with the finance department. Domestic bills with all the supporting documents must be submitted to the finance department. Amex or Visa cards provided by the company during foreign tour must be handed over with relevant documents. Claims of various other reimbursement and allowances such monetary awards, conveyance, telephone etc must be sent for settlement for no due clearance.

Payroll clearance must also be initiated by filling up the required form. Any loan taken from the company must be cleared off by depositing the demand draft. The employee will have to pay the bond amount if they are still under the bond period. All the award points must be redeemed on time else they will lapse. Apply for gratuity if you are eligible for the same. Collect all the documents and necessary information regarding applying for PF withdrawal.

In case the employee is using company car, he must get in touch with the transport department and complete the closure formalities. In common company transportation service of the company is being used for commutation, then the transport team must be made aware of the resignation and the last date and provide the transport route being used.

The employees are required to submit their stationary items, official documents, training materials, manuals and items supplied by the client to the project head or the respective manager. They must take backup of all the project related information and official data from the laptop or desktop and hand over the same to the manager before submitting the computer system to the concerned department. The employee must abide by the non-disclosure clause which prohibits the employee from sharing any company related information to the outside world.

Companies provide laptops, cell phones, calling card, active key and card to its employees which they must hand over to the concerned department and get the necessary clearance. Employee must take care to submit all the essential accessories such as keyboard, mouse, power chord, LAN cable, headset and manuals also. The employee must clear up the cupboard, drawers and workspace and hand over the keys to the facility department.

Clearance from the library is to be done by submitting any books or study material issued from the library. All the certificates related to the training completed in the company must be collected within the notice period.

Employee ID, access cards, gate pass and vehicle parking sticker must be submitted to the security officer on the last day in the company ad must be done at the end of the day.

Always remember to collect the contact details of all the departments in case any need arises in the future.


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