Walkin process and interview questions in Accenture


Accenture is conducting walk-in for freshers as well as experienced candidates across diffrent locations in India through amcat, elitmus and employee referral channel.We would like to share the experience of a fresher who went to attend a walk-in for Service Desk Management SELECT SDM) in Accenture, Gurgaon for Level G opening,The candidate says ” It wasn’t tough but you need to prepare for technical questions”. These are some suggestions from the candidate:

1). Be on time in the premises. After registration time, they not allow to enter for interview. As Accenture is a large MNC and it advertises the job opening through multiple channels, so it’s better to be on time.

2). Fill a Employee Application from, it demands all the information about your Experience, Qualification, Source SELECT from which you have to attend walk-in UNION ALL one ID pr off and the most important, CID SELECT Candidate Id). This number is shared with you if you are going through the employee referral channel. You need to send you resume to joblagao@gmail.com, hr.joblagao@gmail.com so that we can upload in Accenture and share the CID with you. Bookmark the page http://joblagao.com/blog/index.php/category/walk-in/ Whenever there is a walkin in Accenture, send us your confirmation to appear and give us 48 hours of time before the walkin. Alternatively, You can ask any of your friends who are working in Accenture to upload it in the employee referral portal SELECT Talent Scout). Then you can appear for the walk-in.

3). After submitting form HR calls the first 10 shortlisted candidates for the 1st round i.e Communication Round. They will give 3-4 topics and you have to choose one in which you are interested individually. You will need to give an extempore speech for the first round\r\nExample of Topic on Board:

a. Is cricket Lead in India, Why?

b. Your Favorite holiday place in India, Why?

c. Which movie inspire you and Why?\r\n\r\nIn this round it is necessarily to be a grammatically correct while speaking, A meaningful reason about topic, an easy and understanding communication is required.

4). After this round, there is a technical round, it is tedious written and oral both. Brush up your skills in basic Windows troubleshooting and networking concepts

5). At last but more important HR interview. The HR will negotiate on your salary and roll off the offer letter in a week’s time. They may give you the joining date which could be as close as 2 weeks from the interview.

Welcome on board for a flying career !!!

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