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 The first quarter of the current financial year is going to End. Have you submitted your tax proof documents in your company?

In this article, we would talk about the process of claiming HRA. In many companies, the finance team would ask you to submit a copy of the rental agreement along with the Rent receipt. While some companies would ask you to submit rent receipt for every month but other companies would ask you to publish one receipt per quarter. You should keep all the documents ready to submit to your finance team. These are the steps to prepare rental agreement.

1) Go to a sub-Registrar office and take a stamp paper. There is a category for Rental Agreement. The denomination of stamp paper can be Rs. 50. You may take a higher denomination too.

2) Copy the content from below and take printout. See the sample given below. It is important to mention the name, age and address of both the parties correctly. Mention cheque number for Security Deposit. Add details related to Fan/Geyser and other electrical fittings.


This Rental Agreement is made and executed on this ____Date_____ by and between:

Mr. Name S/o, D/o, Residing at ______________________________Address__________________________

Email: _______________________________, hereinafter called as the OWNER of the ONE APARTMENT;

1) Mr. Name , S/o, D/o, permanent resident ___________Address_______________M


2) Mr. _______Name________

Hereinafter called as the TENANTS of the OTHER PART;

Whereas the terms owner and tenants shall mean and include their legal heirs, representatives, administrators, assignees and executors thereon.

Whereas the owner is the sole and absolute owner of the residential premises which is more fully described in the schedule hereunder and the tenant approached the owner to let out the same on monthly rental basis.


1) That, this rental agreement commencing from ______Date_____ and valid only for Eleven months, after expiry of this tenancy period, if both the parties mutually agreed for the renewal then the monthly rent will be enhanced @5% on existing rent.

2) That, the tenant paid the sum of Rs. _____/- towards the security deposit amount and the amount acknowledge by the owner and this deposit amount shall not carry any interest but it is refundable by the owner to tenant at the time of vacating the premises, after deducting the dues if any.

3) That, the tenant shall pay the sum of Rs_____/- towards the monthly rent and same payable within 5th of every English calendar month.

4) That, the tenant shall pay the sum of Rs_____/- towards the maintenance charges inclusive of water charged every month without fail.

5) That, the tenant shall pay the sum of Rs _____/- towards the electricity charges separately to the concern departments.

6) That, the tenant shall use the premises only for residential purpose not for any objectionable purpose.

7) That, the tenant shall not sub-let or under-less the premises to anybody.

8) That, the tenant shall keep the premises in good and tenantable conditions.

9) That, the tenant shall provide painting to the premises at the time of vacating otherwise the cost of the same will be deducted from the deposit amt.

10) Both the parties shall give at least three months prior notice period for the vacation.


RESIDENTIAL FLAT bearing ___________________________________address________________________


Tube lights, ceiling fan and geyser




3) Once you take the printout then both the parties should sign in front of the Witnesses. The Witness should also sign.

Now take a copy of it and submit it your finance. In some companies, the finance team will not ask for rental agreement copy. They may ask only for the Rent receipt.

Buy a rent receipt booklet from a stationary shop and get the signature from your landlord. Sample is given below

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