Esko Graphics Interview Experience 2015


Position: Java developer

Clueless and hunting job was only the two things in my mind when I stepped into Bangalore. I was having reference of my seniors but at that time nothing was working out. In December 2015, one of my alumnus mentioned about the opening in Esko but they were looking for 60% and above in all the board exams and graduation. I met the criteria so I sent my updated resume and received the following email below:

Subject: Interview Call Letter_Esko Graphics India Pvt Ltd

Please find under mentioned address for tomorrow written test 


Address : Esko Graphics India Pvt Ltd,Esteem Tower, 71, Railway Parallel Road,Kumarapark West, Bengaluru 560 020, India


Date : 14th Dec 2015


Time : 9.30 AM Please carry one hard copy of your resume along with this call letter.

Started preparing me for the interview, as I mentioned was new to this place was finding very hard to travel from BTM to Indian express. One of my Facebook friends of Bangalore helped me and guided me as such below:

  • Took a auto from BTM to Madivala.
  • Any bus with the numbers of 164, 347G, 348D, 360G, 376, TR1 goes to shivajinagar.
  • Climbing up from madivala and after getting down in shivajinagar, after a hour of travelling was told to climb in any of the buses from there because every bus
  • passes Indian express to reach its destination.
  • Crossing the circle of Indian express was walking towards Fortis hospital and the office was right opposite to hospital.

First Round:

Time duration: 50 Minutes (20+34 question’s)

1. Aptitude Test (20 Questions)

Multiple Choice Questions:

  • Percentage
  • Average
  • Allegation and Mixture
  • Probability
  • Problem on ages and numbers
  • Sets

2. Technical Test (34 Questions in 30 Minutes)

Question based on Java

  • J2EE
  • JSP
  • Exception handling
  • HTML
  • Stateless/state full beans from J2EE


Second Round:

Machine coding round: (1 hour)

  • Calculating a Finish Date Given a Starting Date and the Number of Work Days as a command line argument and Holiday list is also given. Obtain proper output.

Note that you will be selected only if the code runs completely. No points will be given on concept or approach.

Third round: Technical discussion

  • Do you know java?
  • Basic concepts of OOPS like abstraction, encapsulation, and inheritance in java.
  • Explain JVM? How it works?
  • Why pointer concept not use in java?
  • Explain Garbage Collector in java?
  • What is constructor? Why use constructors?
  • Explain destructors and virtual destructors?
  • What is J2EE? Explain?
  • What are the properties of a Java Bean?
  • Explain common design Patterns? Explain singleton class?
  • What is the exact use of singleton class? Just using private class constructor makes it a singleton class?
  • Code related to strings.
  • What is method overloading and overriding? Explain with example.
  • Explain virtual function and how it works?
  • What is JSP?  Explain how it is different from servlets?
  • What is the difference between Generic Servlet and HttpServlet?
  • What is the use of implicit objects in jsp?
  • Why do we use Swings even though we have AWT classes?
  • What is the difference between jsp tag and html tag?
  • What is Cloning? Why we are using Cloning concept? and How many types of cloning?
  • What are data structures do you know? Explain?
  • Explain semaphore and mutex?
  • Difference between murex and binary semaphore?
  • Some codes also asked on java which I didn’t remember

That’s all for technical round.

Last and final round was the HR round:

Nothing was much here there was only a general discussion on CTC and date of joining and the as well as the designation introduction by the HR. Note that whenever walking is announced, lot of people will be appearing for the interview, so reach on time. The success rate is quite low. Very few get selected.

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