Practo Campus Placement Process and Interview Experience




All the B.E. final year student with coding knowledge.


20 Lpa: Split as 8 lakhs in form of Stock and 12 CTC.


  1. Online coding contest
  2. Technical interview
  3. HR interview

Round 1) Online Test:

This round consisted of 5 questions on coding which had to be solved in 2 hours. These questions required basic coding skills along with very good mathematical aptitude. Solving 3-4 of these clearing 90% test cases would ensure clearing this round.

Example of Question: Consider a grid of mxn, each containing either grass or sand. The adjacent space containing grass would be considered as a single field. One field can have only a cow or a sheep. Find the number of arrangement which will have even number of sheeps.

The input and the output format are specified.

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Round 2) Technical Interview:

This round began with a skype call. The interviewer was very friendly and began with easy question to make me comfortable like name, hobbies etc. then he started with technical question on data structures, operating system, networking etc. Clearing this round need a good knowledge of all these subjects.

Round 3) HR Round:

This was HR round which began with the HR asking about my family background, hobbies and question on my strengths and weakness. The most important in this was the self-introduction i.e. "tell me something about yourself". Ensure to say all the positives about yourself and your surrounding and take responsibility for your past mistakes. This would ensure a good impression on the HR. The HR may also ask some technical questions here and there so be prepared.

About Practo

Practo Technologies Pvt. Ltd one of the exponentially growing services launched in 2008 by 2 final year engineering students of national institute of technology, Karnataka.

Practo ray has 10000+ doctors listed from over 320 indian town and cities on the system and over 10 million electronic patient records has been created

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