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 Tayana Software

Tayana came in my college last month. The whole process was for 1 day. 

Very first we had PPT.(Pre placement talk), than the registration process started and CV was Shortlisted.

Round 1.)

  • Shortlisted CV's were only allowed for Written test
  • Written test consisting 30 questions with some questions on C programming also included in same along with some Quantitative Aptitude questions. 
  • Apti : Quant was easy with basic ages,number series,time n work,Filling tanks and pipes,simple interest.Questions on Formula based like Interest Calculation etc, PLR  subject is very useful.
  • C Programming : Questions on Pointers, Strings,Arrays, Structures, Memory Allocation Methods. C programming questions was tough and thus prepare well from earlier itself. I referred Yashavant Kanetkar's LET US C, and Narsimhan karumanchi's - Coding Interview Questions. Questions were MCQ and are output based only.


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Round 2.)

Shortlisted candidates from 2nd round got interview opportunity same day, and they asked me basic programming uestion on C there also. So do prepare well before attending the process. During Tech Interview Questions were asked on 

  • C++ --  Inheritance, Polymorphism,Overloading, Threads etc
  • DBMS—SQL Queries, Normalization
  • Networking concepts like Sockets
  • Unix—Basic Commands, Virtualization, Paging concepts etc

Finally Puzzles were also asked to check your Problem Solving Skills.

About the Author :

(Writer is now working in Tayana Software Solutions , below is his experiences and suggestions for you.)

I am now working here in bangalore office , and it is very good place to work for, work culture is also good.

It is a great place for learning.Good place to start as a fresher and build your carrer with this oraganisation. 


About the company :

Tayana Software Solutions (TSS) was established in 1999 and is based out of Bangalore, India.

TSS is a subsidiary of Jupiter Capital Bangalore. The group has a global presence; with offices across India, North America, Europe and Asia Pacific region, 11 development centers catering to over 65 customers in over 28 countries, with global Clients like EADS / Airbus, Fokker, Nissan, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Thales, Caterpillar, Orange, Cable & Wireless, etc.

TSS is the technology solutions arm providing a wide range of products and solutions for Communication Service Providers (CSP) globally.

TSS products range from Core Strategic Products like 3GPP-compliant Unified Real Time Policy Control and Charging (UPCC) for 2.5G/3G/4G networks; Mobile Financial Solutions, USSD Gateway, Messaging products, Billing Solutions, Content Management and Delivery, Mobile VAS, M2M, and Telecom Data & Analytics.


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About the Author:
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Pankaj answered| Dec 23, 2015

When TSS came to  BVBCET, Hubli, there were 4 rounds: 1 round of Aptitude/C language, 2 rounds of technical interview, HR interview and the Final round with the Management in Bangalore