Top 10 Tips for telephonic and F2F Interviews


Now a days job market has become very competitive than former days, it’s very tough to get even an interview call. Hence if you get any interview call you do not want to loose that one golden chance. If you’re avid to know more, these tips will help you to succeed during interviews.

1. Be Punctual in Face to Face Interview: Late arrival to a job interview leaves a bad impression on the interviewer and it may impact negatively on your career expectation. The recruiters have always heard excuses like traffic jams or medical emergency. You must have heard the famous song “It happens only in India..” Dont’ epitomize it during the interview. Take a buffer of approximately half an hour considering the traffic condition and doing security formalities.

2. Telephonic Interview from India: Most of the IT companies take the first round as the telephonic round. It will be a scheduled telephonic n interview. Try to find a quiet corner in your office. Alternatively you can book a meeting room and keep your resume open in front of you, so that you have pointers to talk. You can also open google so that you can search immediately if you are not familiar with the term. Most of the time, you will have to satisfy the interviewer with the direct questions like “what is…”  “How can you implement…” Make sure that you have good network connectivity if you are taking the call from your cell phone. Bad network often ruins your interview. If possible, use a landline phone

3. Telephonic Interview from Client location: Normally, interviewer from the western country will try to understand your hands on experience and your approach to solve a problem. They would not be very keen in whether you exactly know the definition of XYZ. They would be keen in knowing your overall expertise in handling a situation. If the interview is from the US location, you might need to take the call late in the evening. Try to stay back in office as it will be quite and network will be robust. If you are taking the call from home, make sure that the kids are not around. In India, power outage is a common problem, if you are taking the call on skype, then make sure that your laptop is charged and you are using a USB dongle to avoid intermittent connectivity issues. If you joining a conference bridge, try to dial in half an hour before so that you are sure that you can dial toll free or toll number.

4. Don’t show lack of confidence: Showing up a blank face is showing like you are not interested for interview. Job seekers should know about the company, what exactly the company provides before going to interview. If you don’t know a technical question, try to approach it. Ask the interviewer for more detail. If you stammer or clear your throat too much, you may loose the opportunity

5. Go Formal: First impression is the last impression.You get only one chance to make good impression. Formal dressing and proper grooming adds value to your interview.

6. Bitching about the Past Company: All company have some pros and cons, You might have had some bad experience at your past company. But you need not talk about it. Grow up man! Be professional. It is good to show your positive think respect to past employers.

7. Be Honest: While Q/A session, if you are not aware from answer don’t lie or make up answers. When you prepare your resume mention what you know in resume. Companies like TCS conduct Psychometric test. They may ask you the same question in two different ways. If you give conflicting answers then your points are negative.

8. Reason for leaving the company: Recruiters will always ask these question, why you want to change.? You have to place suitable answer for that with positive thought for your career growth. Be honest what role you are looking for, so that you can stick in the organization for some more time. If you are changing company due to relocation, highlight that point before, so that they interview for that particular location. Everyone knows that you are most of the job hopping is done for MONEY J but you need prepare a formal answer!!

9. Mannerism and Etiquettes: Your basic manners will take you to the next level. Follow the most acceptable social etiquettes. Say Please, Thank you, May i etc.

10. Do you have a question for me: This would probably be the last question? Show some interest in the company by asking about non-controversial topics. You can talk about some buzz word about the company which you might have heard. You can ask about your role and project


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