10 Tips For Cracking Off-Campus Interview


One college, around 1000 students, 25-30 hiring companies and 750+ selections…What About The Rest?

Where would the fresher go that did not get a job from the campus even after four years of rigorous training and exams in colleges. It is a well known fact that most of the students go for off campus interviews. The reason could be many – either they have not cleared their on-campus rounds; or, they have not cleared their one paper; they might have not got enough marks to be eligible for that, In 10th or 12th there marks could be 60% or below; or, they did not find the on-campus opportunity fair enough in terms of package or brand; enough companies did not visited their colleges, etc. This is where the need of off campus trials arises and students don`t want to miss them as this is the last opportunity.  But don`t worry, we all are one among them and here is the some of the helpful tips that will help you to prepare for the off campus drive better:

1. Be in Touch with Alumnus:

They are the one who will be happy to help you. No matter whether they know you in the college days or not but once they are out and you try to contact them, they are happy to see people from their colleges and want to help them in the best manner possible. Quite possible that they are having some start-ups and they need you more than you need them. So, until and unless you don`t keep in touch with your seniors, how will you get the opportunity and would extract maximum out of it.

2. Be at The Right Place at The Right Time:

Once you are out of your college, you should be in the city, where you get ample of opportunities. Don`t just sit idle at your home compensating your four years of Parathas which you missed while in college. Find the nearest big city where you can reside and search for job opportunities rigorously. In cities like Bangalore, there are several small companies even which are running independently apart from IT giants like Infosys, Wipro and Cognizant. So, you should be in cities like Bangalore which is the Silicon Valley of India and is known for its growing IT industry and ample opportunities.

3. Upgrade Your Skill:

If you are not getting a job since a longer time then instead of sitting idle on the faith of destiny, you should try upgrading your skill by joining some job oriented courses like SAP, Hadoop etc. You may also join some testing institute. There are various courses like these which are getting job ready for you. But at the same time, you should be careful not to get in trap of fake training placement agencies which keeps your original documents, take  heavy  cash amounts and make you fly in such an aircraft which lands nowhere.

4. Be Aggressive:

You should be aggressive while searching for job. There must be a continuous hunt for job. No break, no rest and no dependency on mere luck. You must be in touch with all those channels which are there to provide you the right job; the consultancies which are there to help you happily. Here must be some seriousness in you about the job. You should be determined to get employed from employable. The determination, zeal and seriousness in you must be evident. There are chances that you took a break and went to home, where you cannot access internet and do not have good network connectivity due to which you missed your one of the important interview call. So, the continuity must be there so that you don`t miss any opportunity.

5. Stretch Your Arms Wide Open:

You should try to appear for all kinds interviews. Even if it`s not related to your domain and you are appearing for it, at least you are getting the experience. There are various domains, do not get stick to one, and if you are not getting call from your domain then you must try for other related domain as well. Suppose you looking for a job in testing with selenium driver, you can also try for mobile testing.

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6. Get Ready to Get Your Hands Dirty:

Before fetching the right job, be ready to learn on the path of getting job. You will come across new experiences every day, get to learn new things. When you get reverse or negative comments, try to take it in a healthy way, and cope up with it. The smaller the step you take, greater the height you achieve. Don`t worry about the results, give your best always.

7. Online Tests:

Prepare for some online tests like E-Litmus and amcat which are job-oriented online tests. Once you clear it, you will be getting interview calls based on your marks in these tests. They not only help you in going inside corporate world but also increase your probability of getting selected amidst numerous candidates. Try appearing for such online tests always.

8. Don’t be Shy:

Don`t just sit idle at your home checking your inbox. If you have appeared for an interview or have applied for some particular position, then, don`t just keep waiting for the reply of your mail. Don`t feel shy to make a phone call to the concerned person or HR because mails get lost often. If you will give a call, then definitely you will be remembered more in compare to those who have just sent the e-mail. So, give the phone call whenever necessary and try to be in touch with the person regularly. It increases your chances of getting a job.

9. Be in Touch with Consultancies:

Often people misinterpret ate the consultancies as the middle men or broker but it’s just an employee referral platform which are like a boon for those who are getting on their knees to get a job and feeling helpless. You should be in touch with some good consultancies of course which are working on true basis. There are many small companies and big companies even like Wipro and Infosys, they often recruit candidates via consultancies. So, it`s a very easy medium of fetching a job but remember not to give any prior deposit to any of the consultancy before getting your offer letter in hand or before joining.

10. Innovation Must be There:

Try to find innovation in recruitment sector. Don`t go through regular channels. You can try contact some start-ups which are working as employee referral platforms because as they are new themselves, they will pay more attention towards you in order built their own credibility in the market. It will increase your chances of getting a job. By helping you, they will be building their loyal customer list as well and you will be referring your friends after that. So, this is like a chain in which one is fulfilling the other , being inter dependant. There are other startups which hire you through gamification. You can participate in those events like hackathon.

When Opportunity knocks, take effort in opening the door.

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