9 Ideas to Polish Your Resume


All those resumes which you have sent and if you have received no acknowledgment and a casual reply then no one has even paid any heed to your resume. Recruiters receive many job applications and if yours is also a normal one, then it is surely going to be dumped.  To get ahead in the current job market you need to make our resume stand out.

HR’s don’t have the time to go through your complete resume and they just give a glance to it and your fate is decided whether you will be selected for the interview or not. So put your best foot forward by working hard and clever on your resume.

1. Ignore irrelevant information

Less is worthy if it is of good quality than more, if it is trash. No matter whether you are a college pass out or an executive, be thoughtful about describing yourself. Your qualities might show that you are a responsible person but if the information in the resume doesn’t highlight that you possesses the requisite skills then it is of no use. Drop the idea of including as much information as possible as this will lead your recruiter in a dilemma whether you actually fir for that job perfectly or not. But enough detail in the resume to make the HR learn more.

2. Include a career summary

But the summary of your skills, job history, past job accomplishments at the top of the resume. This will get the attention of the employer and they won’t have to search for it through the whole resume. Your skills are the main thing they are looking for, so put them on top and grab the attention.

3. Tailor your resume as per the job

Lay emphasis on those skills and accomplishments which are most related to the job at hand. Substantiate details that show that you are perfect for this job. The captivating resume will be the one which matches the requirement of the recruiter. So mention those skill, work experiences and accomplishments which the recruiter wants for the job at hand.

4. Highlight your accomplishments

Providing the list of skills you possesses is not enough to make that big first impression. You also need to provide an evidence of them by listing out your past achievements. Quantify your business outcomes which you have achieved. Describe the ways you have excelled in your profession.

5. Make a personal statement

Connect with the employer on human level. A list of accomplishments will not work alone. Make them feel that there is an actual person behind it which they are going to hire and not just the list of skills mentioned therein. Give your description in the best possible way.

6. Make use of Power words

Don’t use words which simply state your duties. Present your achievements in the best possible way. While describing your contribution in the last company’s increased sales, use words like “improved”, “increased”, and “enhanced”. These will grab the attention of the recruiter at once.

7. Web presence

Your online presence is critical. Nowadays internet is your resume. Resume is not the sole thing to rely on. It is the extension of additional information. But it is the crucial tool combined with another crucial toll i.e. your online profile.

8. Use a simple design

Format your resume as per the professional norms. The focus should not shift from the content to the visuals. Don’t overuse fancy fonts and colors. Choose a simple font. Don’t go for huge paragraphs from which it is difficult to find the relevant information.

9. Make sure it is error free

Recheck it quite a time. Make sure no typing error remains. See that the most important information at the top of the front page.

Your resume will be the first thing which the employer will know about you. So try to make that first strong impression. Have a resume which actually make an impression. Catch the employer’s eye with that superb content and a clear and clever presentation.

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